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Ailbhe Conneely - RTÉ

Efforts are being made to end the practice of people travelling from Ireland to volunteer and visit orphanages worldwide. It is part of a global effort to end international orphanage volunteering and the institutionalisation of children.

Ewelina U. Ochab - Forbes

In 2022, the number of children in need of humanitarian assistance rose more than 20% in comparison to 2021, to 149 million. As indicated by the Global Humanitarian Overview, the increase can be attributed to new and protracted conflict, hunger, and the climate crisis. Commenting on the data, Save the Children reported that Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were most severely impacted. The analysis produced by Save the Children considered the top seven emergencies impacting children in 2022.

Anna Maria Ciobanu

In early December, Lucian Schepers dusted off his adoption file one more time. He thumbed through the stack of yellowed papers and translated what he could with the help of Google, trying once more to piece together the puzzle of his early life in communist Romania.

Isobel Koshiw - The Guardian

Kherson city was liberated by Ukrainian forces in November. But for some, the horrors of the Russian occupation are still not over. Nadia* sent her 14-year-old son to a Russian-run summer camp in Crimea – occupied by Moscow since 2014 – in October. He was meant to return after two weeks. It has now been more than two months.

Soraya Ebrahimi - National News

Migrant families with children could be sent to Rwanda in future, a Home Office minister has told Parliament.

Agnel Philip, Eli Hager, Suzy Khimm

Once considered a last resort reserved for parents who abandon their children, the involuntary and permanent termination of parental rights now hangs over every mother and father accused of any form of abuse or neglect — including allegations of nonviolent behavior like drug use or truancy.

Ruth Clegg - BBC News

When war broke out, millions of Ukrainians had to make a life-changing decision to flee their country - with many hoping to return as soon as possible. But for some disabled refugees, this displacement has offered new opportunities, and they now face a dilemma over whether to ever go home.

End Violence Against Children

Mauritius has achieved full prohibition of corporal punishment of children with the enactment of the Children’s Act 2020. The new law came into force in January 2022. With this law reform, Mauritius is the 65th state worldwide, and the twelfth African state to realise children’s rights to protection from all violent punishment.

The Associated Press

The lower house of the Russian parliament on Thursday passed a bill banning foreigners from using Russian surrogate mothers.

The Associated Press

Adoptees sent to Europe and the US say they were wrongly removed from their families as government in Seoul actively promoted adoption.