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Lili Bayer - The Guardian

The Hungarian president has announced her resignation over her decision to pardon a man convicted of helping cover up a sex abuse case at a children’s home as the controversy posed a challenge for Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

Leila Fadel - Morning Edition, NPR

Ukraine says more than 19,000 children have been illegally taken by Russia since the war began. NPR's Leila Fadel speaks with two teenagers who were abducted from Ukraine.

Shaun Walker - The Guardian

During the 14 months for which Veronika Vlasenko attended school in Russia, she was regularly told by teachers and fellow students that she would never be able to go home to Ukraine. “Every day they said to me that I would be staying here for ever and would never leave Russia,” she said. “They told me that Ukraine doesn’t exist, that it never existed, that we’re all Russians … At times the other kids would beat me for being pro-Ukrainian.”

Yolande Knell - BBC

Born amid the horrors of the war in Gaza, the month-old baby girl lying in an incubator has never known a parent's embrace. She was delivered by Caesarean section after her mother, Hanna, was crushed in an Israeli air strike. Hanna did not live to name her daughter.

Thaslima Begum, Rosie Swash - The Guardian

Police start to interview witnesses following Guardian reports on adoptions to the Netherlands nearly 50 years ago

Fay Nurse, Woody Morris - BBC News

Amy and Ano are identical twins, but just after they were born they were taken from their mother and sold to separate families. Years later, they discovered each other by chance thanks to a TV talent show and a TikTok video. As they delved into their past, they realised they were among thousands of babies in Georgia stolen from hospitals and sold, some as recently as 2005. Now they want answers.

Vladyslav Havrylov - Atlantic Council

Ukrainian officials have condemned a new decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in early 2024 simplifying the process of conferring Russian citizenship on Ukrainian children abducted from wartime Ukraine.

Thaslima Begum - The Guardian

Women living in camps for refugees of Bangladesh’s war of independence were told a local care home would look after their children. Decades on, many are still searching for them.

Nicholas Evans - The Imprint

An alarming connection exists between residential care facilities, such as orphanages and children’s homes, and human trafficking. Orphanage trafficking occurs when children from vulnerable families are actively recruited into residential care for profit or other forms of exploitation within the orphanage. Often a child finder is hired by an orphanage to go out and recruit children through deception or coercion of family members. 

Wyre Davies - BBC News

The war in Gaza has already let to an unprecedented loss of life, but there's also growing concern about the destruction of public and private buildings. Now a senior UN official has told BBC News of his fears that the widespread damage will lead to a "lost generation" of young people.