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Xinjiang: China, where are my children?

John Sudworth - BBC News

This video from BBC News shares the stories of parents in China's Xinjiang region whose children have disappeared, likely as part of the Chinese government's efforts to separate them from their Muslim communities.

Think before donating to orphanages

Laila Khondkar - The Daily Star

In this opinion piece for The Daily Star, Laila Khondkar - Head of Advocacy and Policy-Child Protection at Save the Children International - explains why donating money to orphanages, though well-intentioned, may cause more harm than good.

The scientific effort to protect babies from trauma before it happens

Jenny Anderson - Quartz

This article from Quartz explores the work of "a trail-blazing and controversial group of scientists, pediatricians, and community leaders" trying to address the impacts of early stress and adversity on children's development and identify "ways to detect which infants are experiencing the effects of stress, and which babies are more resilient" in an effort to "help direct very limited resources to the kids who need it most."

Prioritizing Family: The power of nurturing, protective care for children in adversity

Sarah Gesiriech - Medium

In this blog post for Medium, Sarah Gesiriech, the U.S. Government Special Advisor on Children in Adversity, shares the U.S. Government's whole-of-government commitment to investing in the development, care, dignity, and safety of the world’s most vulnerable children as laid out in Advancing Protection and Care for Children in Adversity: A U.S. Government Strategy for International Assistance (APCCA). "The best investment a country can make to eliminate extreme poverty, boost economic growth, and promote a peaceful society is to invest in its children. When the family unit is strong, all other goals and outcomes for children are well within reach," says Gesiriech.

B.C. paying foster parents instead of supporting struggling families, experts say

Brielle Morgan, Katie Hyslop, Cherise Seucharan, Tracy Sherlock - The Discourse

This article from The Discourse presents findings from a collaborative investigation into the child-welfare system of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada conducted by journalists from The Discourse, The Tyee and Star Vancouver in which parents were asked "whether they felt they were getting adequate support — financial and otherwise — before their kids were apprehended by B.C. social workers."