Better Care Network highlights upcoming events that are related to children's care around the globe. These events include calls for papers or submissions, requests, conferences, webinars, and more. To view past events, visit the Events Archive page.

Apr 19

The PACE parenting approach was developed by Dr Dan Hughes for parents and carers of children who are adopted or live in foster or kinship care families. PACE stands for Playfullness, Acceptance. Curiosity, and Empathy and is an attitude has proved to be helpful for many professionals working in adoption, fostering or kinship care services. The aim of PACE is to allow the child to establish a positive and reciprocal relationship with their parents or carers and to experience relationships as 'safe'.

Apr 24
Social Work History Network,

This international webinar explores ‘The Origins of Social Care and Social Work’ (Policy Press, 2022) in which Professor Mark Henrickson (Auckland, New Zealand) argues that European and North American notions of helping – or managing – poor and marginalised people have deep roots in religious texts and traditions which continue to influence contemporary social work.

Apr 30
Catholic Care for Children,

Do you work in a children’s home and have wondered whether moving children to family care is possible? Join Sisters worldwide to explore WHY children need families and HOW your program can safely move children to family care.   

May 17
Institute for Professional Development,

The Institute for Professional Development (IPD) at Long Island University, Brooklyn announces its second annual colloquium The Psychological Impact of Displacement: Intervention, Research, and Policy Implications. This remote colloquium will be held on May 17, 2024 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Jun 04
The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action,

The organizers invite you to submit an abstract and express your interest in attending! Please note that some sessions will be available for online viewership and information about live broadcasting will be available soon. 

Jun 26
European Social Network,

The 2024 European Social Services Conference will bring together leaders in social services to inspire ideas on co-creating the future of community-based social services. Register here to join the largest forum in Europe on social work policy and practice

Jul 08

The Call for Abstracts is now open. We invite you to submit your scholarly work for consideration by ICAR-8 and join researchers and practitioners worldwide united by our common goal of ensuring a safe and permanent family for all children. Instructions are posted on the Abstracts page of this website and on the Ex-Ordo ICAR-8 Abstract Submission/Registration website.

Aug 18

ISPCAN SWEDEN2024 brings together the brightest minds in child protection from every sector to innovate and share best practices.  Join us to keep pushing the boundaries of research and practice to ensure that all children have the chance to thrive no matter what their experience.

Oct 22
Family Resource Centre National Forum, Families Canada, the U.S. National Family Support Network, CSSP,

The biennial Together for Families Conference is a unique virtual event that connects various stakeholders from across the globe in the Family Support and Strengthening Field to focus on best and promising practice for supporting families’ advancement. 

Dec 31
CELSIS, University of Strathclyde Glasglow,

This course is about the care and protection of unaccompanied and separated refugee and migrant children who are moving across and between countries. This course will provide an understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities these children face.