Leaving Alternative Care and Reintegration

It is important to support children who are preparing to leave care.  This includes helping young people as they ‘age out’ of the care system and transition to independent living, as well as children planning to return home and reintegrate with their families.  In either case, leaving care should be a gradual and supervised process that involves careful preparation and follow-up support to children and families.

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Monica Goemans, Adrian D. van Breda & Shose Kessi - Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal,

This paper aims to describe the experiences of youth preparing to age out of cluster foster care in South Africa.

Hayley Alderson, Eileen Kaner, Elaine McColl, Denise Howel, Tony Fouweather, Ruth McGovern, Alex Copello, Heather Brown, Paul McArdle, Deborah Smart, Rebecca Brown, Raghu Lingam - PLoS ONE,

The SOLID study aimed to investigate the feasibility of a definitive randomised controlled trial, comparing two behaviour change interventions to reduce risky substance use (illicit drugs and alcohol), and improve mental health, in young people in care.

Megan L. Dolbin‐MacNab, Gregory C. Smith, Bert Hayslip Jr. - Family Relations,

This study examined how custodial grandmothers navigated the process of their grandchildren being reunified with a biological parent.

Nicole Gilbertson Wilke, Amanda Hiles Howard, Philip Goldman - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The goal of the present study was to better understand the scope and characteristics of rapid return, and to provide data-informed recommendations for service providers working with this population.

Mirte S. L. Teunissen, Anouk Goemans, Frank van Holen, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Harold T. Nefs, Huub M. Pijnenburg, Harm Damen & Paul H. Vedder - Child & Youth Care Forum,

The present study uses concept mapping as an exploratory method, to identify themes that seem to be used by two groups of professionals in their judgement and decision making on reunification.

Rachel Rosenberg, Sunny Sun, Alyssa Liehr - Child Trends,

This brief from Child Trends explores the transition to adulthood for young people with foster care experience in the U.S., including federal policies impacting the transition.

Margaret H. Lloyd Sieger - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study sought to determine number and proportion of children of color with substance removals and whether disparities exist in likelihood of reunification compared to white children.

Heather L. Rouse, Tera R. Hurt, Janet N. Melby, Maya Bartel, Bethany McCurdy, Emily McKnight, Feng Zhao, Carol Behrer & Carl F. Weems - Child & Youth Care Forum,

The purpose of the current study was to better understand the experiences of foster care youth to inform policy and practice recommendations that address the high rate of unintended pregnancies and early parenting among youth transitioning from foster care.

Elisiv Bakketeig, Janet Boddy, Tonje Gundersen, Jeanette Østergaard, Fidelma Hanrahan - Children and Youth Services Review,

This paper addresses the conceptualization of ‘outcomes’ for care experienced people through an in-depth longitudinal study of 75 young adults in Denmark, England and Norway.

Rebecca Nhep and Hannah Won - Better Care Network & Kinnected, an intitiative of ACC International Relief, with support from Changing the Way We Care,

This tool is designed as an assessment framework that assists practitioners to identify and analyze the key starting point dynamics and determine implications for strategy in their work to transition an organization's model of care of children from institutional to a non-institutional model.