Children and Migration

Millions of children around the world are affected by migration.  This includes girls and boys who migrate within and between countries (usually with their families but sometimes on their own), as well as children ‘left behind’ when their parents or caregivers migrate in search of economic opportunities.  Be it forced or voluntary, by adults or children, migration affects children’s care situations and can entail risks to their protection.

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Ruth Brittle and Ellen Desmet - The International Journal of Children's Rights,

This article presents a tentative analysis of 30 years of academic research in the field of children’s rights and migration (1989–2019).

A. E. Zijlstra, M. C. Menninga, E. C. C. van Os, M. E. Kalverboer - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This qualitative study explores the experiences of unaccompanied children with regard to violence in reception facilities in the Netherlands from the perspective of the children.

Xiaoou Man & Haijun Cao - Journal of Child and Family Studies,

The authors of this article investigated the associations of individual- and family-related factors with psychological distress in a sample of left-behind children (LBC) aged 10–15 using logistic regression. A total of 954 LBC were included in the study.

Maria Moberg Stephenson & Åsa Källström - Child & Family Social Work,

This study aims to explore how young migrants in kinship care in a Swedish suburb describe what different places mean to them and what these descriptions can tell us about their sense of belonging.

Haixia Liu, Zhongliang Zhou, Xiaojing Fan, Jiu Wang, Hongwei Sun, Chi Shen and Xiangming Zhai - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

This study examined the effects of left-behind experience on college students’ mental health and compared the prevalence of mental health problems in left-behind students and control students (without left-behind experience) in China.

Bhanu Williams, Mary Boullier, Zoe Cricks, Allison Ward, Ronelle Naidoo, Amanda Williams, Kim Robinson, Sarah Eisen, Jonathan Cohen - Archives of Disease in Childhood,

The authors of this study aimed to evaluate a screening programme for infection in unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people against national guidance and to describe the rates of identified infection in the cohort.

Suzanna Smith, Martie Gillen, Jasmine Brito, Farah Khan, Robin Lewy, Fran Ricardo & Laura J. Ramirez Diaz - Journal of Human Rights and Social Work,

This article discusses the implications of the influx of parents into the child welfare system for welfare authorities, using the U.S. state of Florida as an example.

Huifeng Shi, Jingxu Zhang, Yufeng Du, Chunxia Zhao, Xiaona Huang and Xiaoli Wang - BMC Public Health,

This study examined the association between parental migration and early childhood nutrition of left-behind children (LBC) in rural China.

Duan JJ, Yang Z, Ji GW, Cheng YC, Song HW, Cai QM, Cai J, Fei CH, Li MM, Ren Y, Yang CH and Xu F - International Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health,

In this paper a cross-sectional study was conducted in a common rural village in China to examine the amelioration effect of social support for left-behind children (LBC).

Xueyan Zhang, Qianqian Luo, Jun Li - Annales Médico-psychologiques, revue psychiatrique,

This study aimed to survey the extent of social anxiety in rural left-behind children in China, reveal the relationship of social anxiety to family cohesion and adaptability, and provide a theoretical basis for health intervention.