Children and Migration

Millions of children around the world are affected by migration.  This includes girls and boys who migrate within and between countries (usually with their families but sometimes on their own), as well as children ‘left behind’ when their parents or caregivers migrate in search of economic opportunities.  Be it forced or voluntary, by adults or children, migration affects children’s care situations and can entail risks to their protection.

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The Children's Institute - University of Cape Town,

This sixteenth issue of the South African Child Gauge focuses attention on child and adolescent mental health and how early experiences of adversity ripple out across the life course and generations at great cost to individuals and society. It calls on South African society to put children at the centre of all policies in order to protect children from harm, build their capacity to cope with stress and adversity, and provide them with opportunities to thrive.

Suzanne Hoff, Eefje de Volder,

This report aims to provide a rapid assessment of the risks of trafficking and exploitation created by the war in Ukraine and the gaps in the current anti-trafficking response, in order to identify what needs to be done now to reduce and prevent trafficking before it is too late. This rapid assessment is based on desktop research; interviews/discussions with organisations, experts and participants in the anti-trafficking response including volunteers, translators, refugees, and displaced people; and a field visit to Poland.

European Commission,

The European Commission has proposed a “10-Point Plan for stronger European coordination on welcoming people fleeing the war from Ukraine” (endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council) that includes: creation of an EU platform for registration; an EU level coordinated approach for transport and information hubs; and a call to enhance reception systems and ensure continuity of care and suitable accommodation, among others.

Rita Chi-Ying Chung, Fred Bemak, Ricardo O. Sánchez,

This study provides an overview of the family reunification process of Latinx adolescents who have migrated to join their families in the United States.

Getnet Tesfaw, Abebaw Minaye,

The migration of parents is believed to be for the sake of children and families left behind. However, its impact on children left behind has been overlooked in Southern Wollo, Ethioipia. The impact of parental migration on the education and behavioral outcomes of children left behind has to be investigated in the migration-prone area. The objective of this study was to examine the impact of the migration of parent(s) on the education and behavioral outcomes of children left behind.

Yu X, Wang LL, Liu MM, Li QL, Dai XY, Li LG,

The internalizing behavior problems (IBPs) of left-behind children (LBC) due to parental migration are a widespread public health concern in China. A previous study showed that the detection rate of behavioral problems in the Hui was far higher than in the LBC of the Han nationality. However, to date, limited research has focused on IBPs in Chinese LBC of the Hui nationality. The aims of this present study are to explore the prevalence of IBPs and the influencing factors among the Hui LBC in the rural areas of China.

International Data Alliance for Children on the Move (IDAC) ,

The International Data Alliance for Children on the Move (IDAC) held this webinar on April 11, 2022, to discuss the need for concrete data and information crucially needed to support affected children inside and outside Ukraine. Representatives of countries directly affected by the Ukrainian crisis as well as key partners on the ground shared their insights.


The latest round of IOM’s survey was completed and presented on 5 April, leading to the updated population figure of 7.1 million IDPs in Ukraine (10% increase compared to the previous round). The second round also observed an increase of IDPs coming from Northern areas (Sumy, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv) and Kyiv.


Останній раунд дослідження, яке провела МОМ, був завершений, а його результати презентовані 5 квітня, унаслідок чого вдалося оновити дані щодо кількості ВПО в Україні, яка нині становить 7,1 мільйона осіб (на 10% більше порівняно з попередньою цифрою). Цей раунд опитування також продемонстрував зростання кількості ВПО з числа мешканців Півночі (Суми, Житомир, Чернігів) та Києва.

Mixed Migration Centre,

Despite high risks en route and upon arrival, Rohingya movement to Malaysia continues. This snapshot focuses on the specific risks facing Rohingya women and children before leaving Myanmar or Bangladesh, during their journey, and upon arrival in Malaysia. MMC Asia has been conducting survey with Rohingya in Malaysia since January 2019 in order to better understand their migration experiences. This snapshot contributes to building a solid evidence base to inform targeted responses that improve protection for Rohingya refugees and inform advocacy efforts related to movements to Malaysia.