Children and Migration

Millions of children around the world are affected by migration.  This includes girls and boys who migrate within and between countries (usually with their families but sometimes on their own), as well as children ‘left behind’ when their parents or caregivers migrate in search of economic opportunities.  Be it forced or voluntary, by adults or children, migration affects children’s care situations and can entail risks to their protection.

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Chao Wu, Guolong Wang, Simon Hu, Yue Liu, Hong Mi, Ye Zhou, Yi-ke Guo, Tongtong Song - PLoS ONE,

This article proposes a methodological workflow for data analysis by machine learning techniques that have the possibility to be widely applied in social issues.

Philip Lalander and Marcus Herz - YOUNG,

This article examines how unaccompanied young refugees in Sweden relate to and talk about their everyday lives and life plans during a time of transition from childhood to adulthood.

Maria Luisa Di Pietro, Drieda Zaçe, Leuconoe Grazia Sisti, Emanuela Maria Frisicale, Alice Corsaro, Andrea Gentili, Luca Giraldi, Stefania Bruno, Stefania Boccia,

The authors of this paper developed and validated a questionnaire to thoroughly assess unAccompaniEd miGrant mInorS’ physical, psychological, legal, spiritual, social and educational needs (AEGIS-Q).

Xi Du - China Journal of Social Work ,

This study employed a life-course perspective to reveal the dynamic developmental trajectories and concealed protective factors among college students with left-behind experience.

Fan Yang and Xiaoli Liu - Children and Youth Services Review,

The present study aims to explore the associations between grandparenting styles and childhood depression, as well as the mediating role of childhood food insecurity on the focal associations among Chinese rural left-behind children.

Xiaojing Li, Jeremy W. Coid, Wanjie Tang, Qiuyue Lv, Yamin Zhang, Hua Yu, Qiang Wang, Wei Deng, Liansheng Zhao, Xiaohong Ma, Yajing Meng, Mingli Li, Huiyao Wang, Ting Chen, Wanjun Guo & Tao Li - European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,

To investigate psychopathological consequences for university students who were left-behind children (LBC) and to estimate the effects of one or both parents being migrants, the duration of left-behind experience, and parental absence during critical periods of growth on psychiatric morbidity, the authors of this study conducted an annual survey of all freshmen at a Chinese university from 2014 to 2018.

Brit Oppedal, Visnja Ramberg, Espen Røysamb - Journal of Adolescence,

The overall aim of the present study was to expand knowledge about depression among unaccompanied refugee minors in the years after they were granted protection in Norway.

Karen Mets - ERA Forum,

This article examines the current Common European Asylum System (CEAS), which includes several measures to protect unaccompanied minors.

Charles Oberg, Coleen Kivlahan, Ranit Mishori, William Martinez, Juan Raul Gutierrez, Zarin Noor and Jeffrey Goldhagen - Pediatrics,

This article from the journal of Pediatrics argues that the treatment of migrant children at the U.S. southern border fulfills the criteria for torture and calls on pediatricians and child health professionals to "collaborate with other advocates and advocacy organizations to forge local, national and international responses to stop and prevent torture of migrant children at the border and globally."

Hansel Alejandro, Aguilar Avila - Bringing Children Back into the Family: Relationality, Connectedness and Home,

In an effort in bridging the gap between transnationalism and the sociology of the family, this work utilises the vantage point of transnational children to further develop the sociology of the transnational child.