Strengthening Family Care

The separation of children from their families can result from many causes, including the death of one or both parents, abandonment, displacement due to armed conflict, trafficking, or simply the inability or unwillingness of the family to provide care. The roots of separation can also be found in behavior problems, relationship difficulties, abuse, or neglect. Separation is also caused by larger systemic issues such as poverty, conflict, natural disaster, or HIV/AIDS.

Families require support when faced with problems they are unable to overcome on their own.
Families affected by illness and poverty may not be able to provide adequately for their child or lack access to essential health services.
Schools are ideal for encouraging awareness of issues which place children at risk and increase the likelihood of child separation
The best form of psychosocial support for children is a healthy family and supportive community
Household economic strengthening aims to reduce a family's vulnerability to poverty, increase economic independence, and improve the ability to…