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The BCN website is a vital source of information for people working on issues related to children who lack adequate family care.

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News and Highlights

This issue of the BCN Newsletter produced in collaboration with the International Parent Advocacy Network (IPAN) features new evidence and resources highlighting the role parent participation, and parent advocacy in particular, can play in strengthening children’s care and protection. Parent advocacy in child welfare is when parents with child welfare experience promote parent participation and the rights of parents and children through case, program and policy advocacy.

International Review of Parent Advocacy in Child Welfare: Strengthening Children's Care and Protection Through Parent Participation

Better Care Network and International Parent Advocacy Network

Promoting parent and child participation is central to achieving children’s rights. This review of the literature and program documentation presents evidence on the role of parent advocacy in achieving better outcomes for children and their families in child welfare.


In this video, Grace Mwangi shares key lessons from her experience working in community-based social work with children and families at risk of separation in Kenya.

According to this article from the Times of India, the NGO Childline has reported that the number of cases of violence against children in the district of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India have gone up, which advocates attribute to the lockdown measures put in place to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.