UNICEF - ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

This video explores why supporting kinship care is so important, and examines how to support kinship care using examples from government and NGOs in Zimbabwe.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action,

This webinar explores the existing evidence of the connections between climate change and risks to children’s protection and discuss the role that child protection actors and the wider humanitarian community can take to ensure the protection of children and well-being of children impacted by the climate crisis.

Transforming Children's Care Collaborative,

This webinar aimed to show care reform advocates can use budget analysis, cost estimates and evidence on long-term economic benefits to make the case for investing in a more a child-centered social welfare system.

Child Identity Protection,

Tiegan Boyens, of ATD Fourth World and Teen Advocacy, shares about the importance of staying connected to birth family as an adoptee as well as maintaining other connections such as friendships made throughout childhood. 

UNICEF - ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

In this webinar, a new paper on strategies to prevent family separation is presented. Examples from Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Namibia are presented.

Transforming Children's Care Collaborative, Child's i Foundation,

The objective of this webinar was to present the best practices learnt in the implementation of the youth wellbeing project which focused on integrated mental health and wellbeing support for youth and particularly young people with lived experience of care.

Collaborative on Global Children's Issues - Georgetown University,

The origin story of the Catholic Church in the United States includes a dependency on slave labor and sales to sustain itself and build its institutions.

UNICEF - ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

The government of Kenya has been working with UNICEF, Changing the Way We Care, Charitable Children's Institutions and local CSOs to pilot care reform at the county level. Learning from these demonstration counties is being used to shape care reform in other counties and at the national level. This video explores care reform in one demonstration county, Kisumu.

UNICEF ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

This UNICEF ESARO webinar explores the role of case management in care reform and examines strategies for effective case management from Kenya, Ghana and Uganda. Speakers address case conferencing, integrated case management, caseloads, and monitoring case management.

Child Identity Protection (CHIP),

Dainius Puras, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to physical and mental health (2014 to 2020) and CHIP Special Advisor, discusses the importance of identity rights from a non-legal perspective.