Saul Parker & Sophie Dollar - The Kays Foundation ,

This research debrief includes the qualitative and quantitative findings from a study of parenting attitudes and practices in coastal Kenya that set out to cast new light on the First 1,000 Days, understanding this life-stage from the vantage point of families and communities. This study has been carried out with the sole purpose of bringing new insights on early childhood and childcare to the EC community, to help improve support for and services to 0–3 year olds.

Deborah Oppenheimer & Mark Jonathan Harris - HBO,

This documentary from HBO explores the often-misunderstood world of foster care in the U.S. through compelling stories from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the largest county child welfare agency in the country.

Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO),

The Christian Alliance for Orphans has offered this challenge grant opportunity to spark innovation as child-serving organizations create or expand effective family care solutions for children. The organizations have reported their progress in a series of videos. 

Hannah Long-Higgins - BBC News,

This video shares the stories of two "grandfamilies" in the US and a new affordable housing program in Washington, DC designed to house grandparents raising their grandchildren.

BBC Radio 5 Live,

In this video from the BBC, Lemn Sissay (writer and careleaver) tells BBC Radio 5 Live about the impact that growing up in care has had on his adult life.

Lemn Sissay - Channel 4,

In this documentary episode from Channel 4 in the UK, Lemn Sissay meets seven young people who are in the care of their council and sets out to help them express their experiences through words and perform them to a packed theatre of decision-makers.

Kristen Cheney | HagueTalks,

In this video, Dr. Kristen Cheney discusses how her work led her to study the growth of the Orphan Industrial Complex and its adverse effects on children, families, communities, and child protection systems.

This film tells the untold stories of orphanages, a system that's harming the very children we believe it protects, and how you can choose to be part of the solution.


This video presents the work of the FARE family strengthening program in Uganda to prevent separation of families and reintegrate children who are separated from their families, including the story of one young person and his family who were impacted by the program.

Chloe Setter - Thomson Reuters Foundation,

This video from the Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust Conference 2018 highlights the "actions" that participants can take to address the issues presented at the conference, particularly actions related to ending orphanage trafficking.