Child Care and Protection Policies

Child care and protection policies regulate the care of children, including the type of support and assistance to be offered, good practice guidelines for the implementation of services, standards for care, and adequate provisions for implementation. They relate to the care a child receives at and away from home.

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Georgetown University Collaborative on Global Children's Issues, CRS, CTWWC,

During this webinar, participants explored the theological dimensions of child-family separation. Is there a theology of the child within the Christian faith? How has the care and protection of children been understood within Catholic social teaching?

Child Identity Protection (CHIP),

Deneisha Moss, Programme Lead for Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion Children’s Programme at CHIP explains the importance of protection the identity rights of children.

UNICEF, Rwanda National Child Development Agency,

This case study details how IZU Immaculee and Naphtal help Laura to escape child labour and abuse in Musanze, Rwanda.

UNICEF, Rwanda National Child Development Agency,

This case study details,how IZU Emmanuel and Genevieve supported a young person living with disabilities in Kamonyi district, Rwanda.

UNICEF, Rwanda National Child Development Agency,

This brief outlines the background to, rationale for, and objectives of the ‘Inshuti z’Umuryango’ (IZU) or ‘Friends of the Family’ programme in relation to Rwanda’s wider child protection strategy. 

UNICEF, Rwanda National Child Development Agency,

In this case study IZU Cyriaque supports a grandparent-headed household during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNICEF, Rwanda National Child Development Agency,

This brief presents the results of several assessments of the ‘Friends of the Family’ or ‘Inshuti z’Umuryango’ (IZU) initiative  in Rwanda. IZU is a frontline volunteer cadre introduced in 2016 as part of Rwanda's national child protection system strengthening and care reform efforts. 

Changing the Way We Care,

This learning brief was developed as part of the CTWWC 2021 annual report and shares learning from two demonstration countries, Moldova and Guatemala. It showcases how care reform is led by government and how to influence different government actors.

Mónica López López, Hilda Paredes Dávila, Beatriz Vizcarra Larrañaga,

El objetivo fundamental del presente libro es el análisis comparativo de las políticas, prácticas e investigaciones en relación a los sistemas de protección infantil en diversos países de América Latina y Europa. Las distintas experiencias recogidas en el texto esperamos contribuyan a aportar a la escasa literatura existente sobre el tema en Iberoamérica, pese a su enorme relevancia para los distintos intervinientes, investigadores, comunidad profesional y tomadores de decisiones.

Clive Diaz, Samantha Fitz-Symonds, Lilly Evans, David Westlake, Richard Devine, Diletta Mauri, Bethan Davies - What Works for Early Intervention and Children’s Social Care,

This report presents the findings from a mixed-methods evaluation of peer parental advocacy (PPA) in the London Borough of Camden.