BBC News25 Sep 2018

In this video, the BBC's Ashley John-Baptiste, who grew up in care himself, meets two care leavers as they face the financial and emotional challenges of starting higher education.

Lumos6 Sep 2018

This from Lumos film is about the people who know that there is an alternative to institutional care, and who are working hard to make it happen.

Save the Children Child Protection Global Theme29 Aug 2018

On 29 August 2018, the Save the Children Child Protection Global Theme hosted a webinar entitled: Researching Violence Against Children: An Overview of Ethical Considerations.

International Youth Foundation14 Aug 2018

This video presents an exchange of lessons and experiences between youth and adult representatives of Nebraska Children and Families Foundation in the United States and Doncel Asociación Civil in Argentina, highlighting authentic youth engagement in addressing the needs of former foster youth.

The Economist7 Aug 2018

This video from the Economist explores the history of institutionalization in Romania and the efforts now underway to transition to family-based care and small group homes for children.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action27 Jul 2018

This short video was designed for newly hired child protection in humanitarian action (CPHA) staff, as well as child protection staff who want to learn more about working in emergency settings - and the CPMS in particular.

BBC News16 Jul 2018

In this video, the BBC's Sally Nabil met one of the children of foreign IS fighters left behind in Libya, Jumana, and the grandparents longing for her return.

Forget Me Not and The Umbrella Foundation16 Jul 2018

This animated video from Forget Me Not and The Umbrella Foundation, tells the story of a young child placed in an orphanage and highlights the pain and trauma of family separation, the impacts of a revolving door of volunteers on children in institutions, and the ways in which volunteering fuels the orphanage industry.

Children's Bureau6 Jul 2018

This webinar series offers technical assistance to child welfare agencies in the US on how to use data to improve outcomes for children and families.

BBC News29 Jun 2018

In this video from the BBC, a woman separated from her son after they arrived at the US border in May describes her and other women's "horrible" ordeal in a migrant detention centre in Texas.


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