Thematic Workshops on the Guidelines on Deinstitutionalization #2: Equal Rights, Diverse Needs: Protections for Children and Women with Disabilities and Other High-Risks Groups

Disability Rights International

Disability Rights International, as part of the Global Coalition on Deinstitutionalisation (GC-DI), organized a series of thematic workshop on the UN Guidelines on Deinstitutionalization, including in emergencies.

Session 2 is entitled "Equal Rights, Diverse Needs: Protections for children and women with disabilities and other high-risk groups under the UN Guidelines on deinstitutionalization, including in emergencies".

The webinar took place on 30 April 2024 and focused on Chapter IV of the Guidelines: Deinstitutionalization grounded in the dignity and diversity of persons with disabilities, and how they relate to children and other children and other at-risk populations, such as elders and women. It featured testimonies from survivors and family members and discussions on the implications of the guidelines to their advocacy efforts. Presentations were followed by moderated discussion and polls on how the guidelines can be used to advance deinstitutionalization through an intersectional lens.





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