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This section includes resources, news and other key documents related to children's care in the context of the current humanitarian crisis affecting Ukraine and surrounding countries. This section is updated daily.


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The Coordination Center for Family Upbringing and Child Care Development,

On 26 April 2024 the International Dialogue on Better Care Reform was held in Kyiv as part of the International Summit of Ministers of Social Policy. The Government of Ukraine is currently working on establishing an International Advisory Group to serve as a platform for collaboration, guidance, and ongoing support to strengthen its child care and protection systems.

World Vision,

This report presents an analysis of focus group discussions (FGDs) conducted over the course of December 2023 and January 2024 with children affected by the conflict in Ukraine, including those displaced within Ukraine as well as those in Romania, Moldova, and Georgia.

Karen S Rotabi-Casares, Patricia F Fronek, Justin S Lee,

This article examines the adoption of Ukrainian children, by U.S. citizens as the Ukrainian government ceases adoptions of children during the chaos of war. Intercountry adoption dynamics are presented with data from 2021, prior to the conflict in 2022.

Georgetown University Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues, the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States, the U.S. Department of State,

In this conversation moderated by Gillian Huebner, executive director of the Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues at Georgetown University, panelists outline Ukrainian efforts to protect its children and the measures international partners can take to support an effective response to the impact of Russia’s policies of aggression on Ukraine’s future.

Child Identity Protection,

Judge Raul Pangalangan International Criminal Court Judge (2015 – 2021)

Patricia Fronek, Karen S Rotabi-Casares, Marina Lypovetska,

This article focuses on The Taken Children of Ukraine during the first 6 months of the war and its implications for social workers engaged in work with children and their families.

European Commission,

This report is the Commission’s first annual enlargement report on Ukraine replacing the previous annual Association Implementation Reports. To complement its opinion on the membership application, the Commission published the analytical report on the acquis alignment of Ukraine in February 2023.

United Nations Human Rights Council,

Statement by the Members of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine to the United Nations Security Council Arria-Formula Meeting, New York

United Nations,

The present report is submitted to the General Assembly by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 52/32, which renewed the Commission’s initial mandate for one additional year. The report concludes that "the collected evidence further shows that Russian authorities have committed the war crimes of wilful killing, torture, rape and other sexual violence, and the deportation of children to the Russian Federation.

M.A. Suhel, Vinay Kumar,

The article explores the notion of deinstitutionalization, emphasising its importance in post-conflict areas and emphasising the value of a personalised social work approach in promoting the welfare of children and young people impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war conflict.