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Maria Varenikova - The New York Times,

"In one of the more bizarre consequences of coronavirus travel restrictions, biological parents, babies and surrogate mothers have become scattered and sometimes stranded in multiple countries for months this year," says this article from the New York Times that describes the situation of surrogates and babies waiting to be retrieved in Ukraine.

Valeria Perasso - BBC News,

This article from BBC News describes the impacts of coronavirus lockdowns on surrogacy arrangements, particularly the separation of parents and their babies, born to surrogate mothers in Ukraine, who are unable to unite due to travel restrictions.

Victoria Sydorenko, Alla Kovalchuk - The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences,

The study substantiates the organizational, psychological, pedagogical and socio-legal principles of creating a safe educational environment for children deprived of parental care, providing the proper conditions for their socialization, harmonious physical, mental, moral and volitional, and spiritual development.

V. Borysova - Yearbook of Ukrainian Law,

The purpose of the article is to analyze the approaches developed in the legal doctrine to understanding the forms of placement of children deprived of parental care and upbringing, and also to outline a vision of how to overcome orphanhood in Ukraine through the introduction of both legalized family forms of placement of such children, which are prioritized over residential forms of upbringing and the unregulated ones.

Child Protection Hub,

Join this webinar to walk through the PROMISE Child Participation Tool and to discuss approaches and considerations for soliciting children’s views on their Barnahus experience.


UNICEF ECARO ECD and Child Protection programmes are seeking a consultant to document the transformation to an ECI Centre of an Infant Home in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

UNICEF and Child Protection Hub,

The purpose of this webinar is to shed light on the specific experiences and issues of unaccompanied and separate girls in the European Response.

Samantha Hawley - ABC News,

This article from ABC News in Australia investigates the phenomenon of Australian and other foreign couples who "commission" surrogates in Ukraine, only to abandon the babies after they are born.

Opening Doors for Europe's Children,

This factsheet highlights the developments and challenges still ahead in Ukraine and offers key recommendations to the EU and the national government to ensure that children are cared for in family-based settings.

Dr. Muireann Ní Raghallaigh - FORUM,

This article is written as part of the FORUM project (FOR Unaccompanied Minors: transfer of knowledge for professionals to increase foster care), an EU funded project which sought to enhance the capacity of professionals to provide quality foster care for unaccompanied migrant children, primarily through the transfer of knowledge. The article aims to contribute to this transfer of knowledge by bringing together literature which is of relevance to professionals developing or enhancing foster care services for unaccompanied migrant children.