The organization was founded in 2001 as a public initiative by a group of journalists who have teamed up in order to protect the rights of vulnerable children and families. In 2005, “Magnolia” was registered as a Ukrainian national nongovernmental organization. In 2015, the NGO "Magnolia" became a co-founder of The Ukrainian Child Rights Network. In 2017, the NGO "Magnolia" became a co-founder of the coalition "Against tortures". In November 2017 they joined in the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children 'Missing Children Europe'. Magnolia NGO is legally registered as a subject of informational activities: studio-production. Magnolia's mission is to give voice to discriminated and vulnerable groups in Ukraine. Its vision is that discriminated and vulnerable groups are heard and moved to resilience in Ukraine.

    Where they operate

    Headquarters Location

    NGO “Magnolia” 01033 Ukraine, Kyiv, 58/10 Simyi Prahovyh street, 4th floor

    Main Areas of Work

    What They Do


    One of Magnolia's projects - 'The Child Needs a Family!' - is aimed at overcoming orphanages and facilitating placement of orphans and children deprived of parental care into a family care environment. The project was launched in 2006. Activities include:

    • Hotline: the operators of the hotline call center are properly trained professionals - social workers and psychologists, who provide advice on family care. The hotline operates across the whole Ukrainian territory, calls from fixed lines and mobile phones are free of charge.
    • Orphan Database: the Database of orphans to be placed into family care contains more than 9,000 filled questionnaires. Thanks to cooperation with services for children of regional state administrations, the database is constantly updated.
    • Media Coverage: Starting from 2006, Project experts have been creating on a regular basis video footage "This Child Needs a Family!", which is aimed at encouraging the development of a family care environment. "This Child Needs a Family!" videos are placed on the air by 37 TV channels in Ukraine free of charge.