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All-Ukrainian charitable organization Ukrainian Child Welfare Fund started its work in 1998 as the Ukrainian office of the International Christian Children's Fund. Since 2006 they have worked as an independent charitable organization with an all-Ukrainian status. The mission of the Fund is to provide positive changes in order to create a supportive environment for the development of the full potential of each child in Ukraine.


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The Ukrainian Child Well-being Foundation has been working for 20 years to ensure that children grow up in loving families, are protected and have the opportunity to develop all their talents. Over the years, the Ukrainian Child Well-being Foundation has:

  • adapted more than 30 training programs for various target groups, including the international training program "PRIDE" on the preparation of candidates for foster parents and guardians
  • created in the cities of Kaniv and Kropivnitsky for children deprived of parental care, three houses providing family-based care for children
  • conducted 12 nationwide information social campaigns aimed at preventing violence against children and trafficking in human beings
  • prepared more than 150 publications - methodical manuals, recommendations, training and information materials, etc. - most of which are recommended for use by specialized ministries and departments