Hope and Homes for Children Ukraine

Hope and Homes for Children has worked in Ukraine since 1998.  Ukraine has one of the largest system of institutional care in Europe, with almost 100,000 children living in 663 orphanages. Hope and Homes' work began with the development of a number of family based alternatives to institutional care, followed by the creation of services for mothers and babies. In 2007 they began a pilot closure of an orphanage near Kiev, allowing them to demonstrate how, through the development of quality family support services and family based alternative care, institutions are unnecessary. As a result of this project, the first Centre for Social Support was created in 2010. Since then the model has been replicated successfully in other areas of the country.

Where they operate

Headquarters Location

St. Baggovutivska, 4, office 57,
Kyiv city

Main Areas of Work

What They Do

Country Office

Hope and Homes Ukraine has developed an array of family and community-based services, including day centres, emergency reception centres, mother and baby units, and community centres to support families. They have also worked closely with the Government of Ukraine on the development of policy, service standards and national action plans to consolidate reform of the child protection system.