League of Social Workers of Ukraine

The All-Ukrainian Non-governmental Organization, League of Social Workers of Ukraine, was founded in November 1999. The main goals of the organization are assistance of development and improvement of social policy in Ukraine and promotion of social and economic interests of society and the realization of human rights and freedoms.

The League of Social Workers of Ukraine is member of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network.

Where they operate

Organization Size

Size of the organization
Small (less than 15 employees and sub-contractors)

Main Areas of Work

What They Do


Some key activities of the organization include:

  • Realization of local, national and international projects of social support and social formation of children, families and youth;
  • Promotion of social work in regards to prevention and minimization of negative impacts on the environment of children and youth;
  • Support of families that adopt orphans and children deprived of parental care;
  • Development and implementation of systematic professional education, skills improvement and certification of social workers-members of the organization;
  • Participation of the League’s members in development, approbation and implementation of social techniques and methods of assistance in development of scientific research

The League also has experience in cooperation with international organizations. In the last years several projects have been realized, including:

  • In cooperation with the Foundation Vidrodzhenya - Development and implementation of a model for professional education of social workers on provision of help to families raising HIV-infected and sick with AIDS children in Ukraine (2007);
  • In cooperation with Connect plus e V. Berlin/Augsburg - Education of social workers in Ukraine: qualification course on the issues of drug addiction/HIV/AIDS (2007-2008);
  • Funded by the World Bank, in cooperation with BMB Mott MacDonald and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine- Enhancement of social patronage of vulnerable families, the project was implemented in 5 regions: Mykolaiv region, Kirovograd, Zhitomir region, Kyiv region, Poltava region, (2012);
  • In cooperation with the NGO "Ukrainian Institute of Social Studies named after Olexander Yaremenko» funded by the Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine - to implement the project «Research needs assessment community social services in Ukraine» (September - December 2015);

The organization has 16 regional branches (oblast, city, district) and a number of honorary members. By 2018, the number of members was about 4,000. At the moment the re-registration of the organization members is taking place. The LSWU members are the representatives of various spheres: education, social sphere, health care etc.

The organization is drawing new ideas and opportunities through reforms in Ukraine, primarily on decentralization and social services.

The League is an active participant in reforming the state system of providing social services, in particular, in terms of legislative rules and regulations, development of methods and technologies, expert activities, etc.