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Catholic Relief Services - Moldova,

The Child Protection Technical Advisor will provide technical expertise and guidance to CTWWC to ensure the delivery of high-quality child protection programming in Moldova.  In coordination with the global technical advisors, the Child Protection Technical Advisor will support the advancing key strategic objectives in Moldova aimed at moving the care system towards one that prioritizes, resources and promotes safe and nurturing family care.

The Ukraine Children's Care Group,

МЕТОЮ ЦЬОГО ДОКУМЕНТУ З РЕКОМЕНДАЦІЯМИ є надати певну рамку для підтримки фахівців-практиків і посадовців, відповідальних за вироблення політики у сфері опіки та піклування над дітьми, як в Україні, так і в країнах, які приймають біженців, у рамках заходів реагування, що стосуються опіки та догляду за дітьми в контексті України у відповідності до міжнародних стандартів і належної практики у сфері опіки та піклування та забезпечення альтернативних форм догляду.

Sarah Slobin, Joanna Plucinska - Reuters,

Ukraine says it dismissed nearly 100,000 children from institutional care. With help from U.N. child agency UNICEF, it is still trying to reach some 26,000 of them.

Ukraine Children’s Care Group,

Under the auspices of the Ukraine Children’s Care Group, one of two learning events were held in July and September 2022. This event, "Addressing the need for foster care in the context of the Ukraine crisis", was held on September 7th in collaboration with HDPI. It focused on better understanding the foster care systems and services in Ukraine and neighbouring countries hosting Ukrainian refugee children, specifically Poland, Romania, and Moldova.

UN Human Rights Council,

UN human rights experts today expressed concern about the situation of children with disabilities in Ukraine placed in institutions and being displaced to other institutional settings either within Ukraine or further afield.

Ruth Clegg - BBC News,

Disabled children are being abused and neglected in institutions across Ukraine, UN experts have warned. The human rights officials said the war had made their situation even worse and called on the Ukrainian government to right its "historic wrongs".

Jo Shelley, Jason Carroll, Charbel Mallo, Daria Markina - CNN,

Fourteen-year-old Serhii Sorokopud is still haunted by what happened when Russian tanks rolled into his village five months ago. He lifts his T-shirt to show the deep scars across his back -- a reminder of a trauma both hidden and visible.

Selin Zeytinoglu, Alva Tang, Charles H. Zeanah, Charles A. Nelson, Alisa N. Almas, Nathan A. Fox,

Institutional rearing negatively impacts the development of children's social skills and executive functions (EF). However, little is known about whether childhood social skills mediate the effects of the foster care intervention (FCG) and foster caregiving quality following early institutional rearing on EF and social skills in adolescence. Participants included abandoned children from Romanian institutions

Ivana Kottasová - CNN,

Luiza Baloh left her home in Dnipro, central Ukraine, in March. Fleeing the constant sound of explosions, she and her five children came to the Czech Republic hoping to find refuge. Instead, they found themselves behind a barbed wire fence in a repurposed immigration detention center that was, she says, dirty and full of strangers, some of whom were aggressive towards her and her children.

Amanda Brydon, Rebecca Smith, Nolan Quigley, Marie Raverdeau,

Coverage of the conflict in Ukraine has been a stark reminder of the pace and extent to which war turns lives upside down. The terrifying experience of conflict sees people turning to loved ones and places that are familiar and comforting. Children are no different. And yet, even before the war in Ukraine started on 24 February, for over 100,000 Ukrainian children the familiar wasn’t a family environment, but an institution.