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Transforming Children's Care Collaborative,

Drawing from the learning from participatory research in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Australia, this webinar will introduce different approaches used to engage individuals with lived experience of alternative care in research efforts and highlight some of the key findings and lessons for meaningful and effective engagement.

Haiti Family Care Network,

Please join us for an interactive discussion following the January 16, 2023, workshop on Working with Children and Families in Conflict Zones. The workshop panelists presented on best practice and shared from their own experiences working in areas of national conflict. This follow-up conversation is a chance for those of us working in Haiti to talk about what was presented and how to apply it to our work, and to discuss questions specific to programming in Haiti. 

Haiti Family Care Network,

Join the Haiti Family Care Network for a discussion on current events and challenges to child/youth/family programming in Haiti. The conversation will be loosely moderated with the goal of sharing challenges and lessons learned and supporting one another. This conversation will take place in English.

End Violence Against Children,

On 25 September 2022, a referendum was held in Cuba to approve the Family Code 2022. The historic new legislation, which is widely celebrated as one of the “most progressive codes of families”, provides important, strengthened measures for the protection of children and adolescents across the country.

Doncel with support from the Latin American Network of Care Leavers, Better Care Network, Changing the Way We Care,

Para garantizar que las personas que han vivido en cuidados alternativos puedan participar de los procesos y decisiones para mejorar los sistemas de cuidado, Doncel junto a la Red Latinoamericana de Egresados de Protección, Better Care Network y Cambiando la Forma en Que Cuidamos (Changing The Way We Care en inglés) llevaron adelante el primer mapeo regional de activistas que vivieron en cuidados alternativos en América Latina y el Caribe.

Doncel with support from the Latin American Network of Care Leavers, Better Care Network, Changing the Way We Care,

This is the first regional mapping of activists with care experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Doncel, the Latin American Network of Care Leavers, Better Care Network, Changing the Way We Care,

A team of professional researchers and young care leavers mapped the region to meet care experienced people engaged in improving alternative care in Latin America and the Caribbean and learn from their activism. They interviewed more than 60 care-experienced activists from 19 countries. On October 27 at 15.30 (EST) they will present the results of these efforts and dialogue with young activists to hear their recommendations to strengthen the participation of children, adolescents and youth in the issues that affect them.

Al Jazeera,

More than 100 Haitian migrants have been found on an uninhabited island near Puerto Rico, United States authorities said, as Haiti continues to reel from a humanitarian crisis brought on by surging gang violence.

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC),

The Returning to Original Vision case story demonstrates reunification of children with disabilities as a critical step in transition. It also highlights the challenges of maintaining organizational vision within a process of transforming services.