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Paulina Firozi - The Washington Post,

A fire tore through a children’s group home in Haiti Thursday night, killing at least 15 children at a facility run by a U.S.-based Christian organization, according to UNICEF.

Amelie Baron - International Business Times,

According to this article from the International Business Times, the government of Haiti "is pushing to deinstitutionalize children so as to avoid the darkest sides of orphanage life -- trafficking of kids or even worse abuse."


This call to public authorities presents recommendations from RELAF for preventing family separation and implementing adequate care and protection measures to protect children’s rights put at risk by the pandemic and its implications.


Este llamado a las autoridades públicas presenta recomendaciones de RELAF para tomar las medidas de prevención y atención adecuadas para garantizar el derecho a la vida familiar y comunitaria en el marco de la pandemia.

HBO Films,

The Finding the Way Home documentary highlights the painful realities of the eight million children living in orphanages and other institutions around the world, telling the stories of six children in Brazil, Bulgaria, Haiti, Nepal, India and Moldova who have found their way into the care of loving families after spending periods of their lives in an institution.

Isabel De Bruin Cardoso, Lopa Bhattacharjee, Claire Cody, Joanna Wakia, Jade Tachie Menson & Maricruz Tabbia - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies,

This article from the Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies journal presents lessons learned from a RISE Learning Network learning project focused on monitoring (M&E Learning Project) and aimed to generate understanding of approaches and tools that could effectively monitor children and families’ reintegration outcomes. The mid- and end-term reviews of the M&E Learning Project have captured lessons learned on how practitioners can approach monitoring of reintegration to mainstream it into their programme cycle.

Peñas S, Herrero-Fernández D, Merino L, Corral S, Martínez-Pampliega A - Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology,

In the present study, focused on Latin American migrant women, transnational ties are considered a protective factor of family functioning, conditioned by premigratory variables. The working hypothesis is that increased frequency of reunited mothers' communication with and remittances to their children during the period of separation prior to the reunion will be linked to better communication, cohesion, flexibility, satisfaction, and family resources, according to the reunited mothers' perception.

Sara Josefna González y María Soledad Gomez - RELAF,

Este informe de RELAF resume las presentaciones y discusiones del Seminario Internacional 2019 de RELAF. 

Sara Josefna González and María Soledad Gomez - RELAF,

This report from RELAF summarizes the presentations and discussions from RELAF's 2019 International Seminar, "For the right to family and community life. Putting an end to the confinement of children deprived of parental care."

Foro de Presidentes y Presidentas de Poderes Legislativos de Centroamérica y la Cuenca del Caribe (FOPREL),

El objeto que tiene la «Ley Marco Regional» es crear un marco jurídico y rector que contribuya a una migración segura, ordenada y regular, basada en el respeto, garantía y realización efectiva de los derechos humanos de las personas migrantes en todas las fases del proceso migratorio en el contexto de la migración, con especial atención a poblaciones en condiciones de vulnerabilidad, en la región de Centroamérica, la Cuenca del Caribe y México.