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Gillian Mann y Emma de Vise-Lewis - Family for Every Child,

Pese a que hay un consenso sobre la importancia del cuidado efectivo en las familias para los niños, existe una falta de discusión y acuerdo sobre los componentes precisos de este cuidado. Este informe contribuye a debatir sobre este importante tema al proporcionar perspectivas de los grupos focales con 198 niños y 81 adultos de Brasil, Colombia, Egipto, México, Rusia, Ruanda y Zimbabue.

Gillian Mann and Emma de Vise-Lewis - Family for Every Child,

There is extensive research demonstrating clearly the importance of a safe and caring family for child wellbeing and development. While there is consensus on the importance of effective care in families for children, there is a lack of discussion and agreement about the precise components of this care. This report contributes to debates on the components of family care by providing perspectives from nearly 200 children and over 80 adults from Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. The report demonstrates that there are many commonalities in perspectives on and experiences of care across contexts.


El Seminario de RELAF tiene como fin fortalecer los procesos de desinstitucionalización mencionados e impulsar otros semejantes en el resto de los países.

Family for Every Child,

Family for Every Child would like to invite you to an Online Event to discuss models and systems for Kinship Care in Brazil. Pre-recorded presentations from three different speakers will be released on Wednesday 27 March. One week later on Wednesday 3 April at 13:00 UK time, they will host a live Q&A panel discussion with the featured presenters.

Family for Every Child,

Family for Every Child has shared three pre-recorded presentations to watch in advance of their Online Event on Kinship Care in Brazil on Wednesday 3 April at 13:00 UK time.

Lígia Negrão Costa Taborda & Celina Maria Colino Magalhães - Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal ,

The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze the interactions between children and their siblings in an institutional shelter in Brazil.

Karla Mendes - Thomson Reuters Foundation,

This article from Reuters calls attention to the large numbers of indigenous children growing up in care in Brazil, particularly in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Marcela Raffaelli, Juliana Prates Santana, Normanda Araujo de Morais, Carlos J. Nieto, Silvia H. Koller - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The current longitudinal study examined the prevalence, overlap, and impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in a sample of Brazilian children and adolescents who use city streets as spaces for socialization and survival (i.e., street-involved youth).

Joanne A. Smith, Helen Baker‐Henningham, Alexandra Brentani, Rose Mugweni, Susan P. Walker - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences,

This paper presents an evaluation of an early childhood parenting training package implemented in Brazil and Zimbabwe, called Reach Up, with the aim of providing an evidence‐based, adaptable program that is feasible for low‐resource settings.

Human Rights Watch,

This report documents a range of abuses against children and adults with disabilities in residential institutions in Brazil.