Affective Relationships Among Siblings in a Situation of Institutional Care

Ana Cristina Ferro Roque, Jonas Carvalho e Silva3, Maria Aparecida Penso


The purpose of this article is to identify the relationships of affection that exist between children/adolescents institutionalized in the same shelter. Data collection was carried out in two sisters hosted in Brasília-Distrito Federal, through field notes, documentary analysis script, theme-story drawing, collage and semi-structured interviews.

The indicators arouse from the results, which guided the organization of two of the sense zones, based on the methodology developed by Gonzalez Rey:

a) The family of origin and the affective memories;

b) Institutionalization and affection in the fraternal relationship.

The importance of the sibling group was identified for the establishment of the sense of security, protection and pre-disposition for more positive and resilient attitudes.