International Consultancy - Evaluation of the Child Protection System in Jamaica


The purpose of this consultancy is to conduct a comprehensive system-wide evaluation at national and subnational levels which will assess the existing structures and procedures established to provide care and protection for Jamaica’s children.


  1. Review the role and responsibilities of the child protection ministries, department and agencies (MDAs)in Jamaica;
  2. Review the legal and regulatory framework, as well as specific policies related to child protection; 
  3. Map and describe the formal and informal structures and functions of key agencies of the sector;
  4. Assess the adequacy of existing  networking and coordinating structures among the various sub-sectors and their effectiveness in facilitating service delivery;
  5. Review the minimum standards and oversight (information, monitoring, and accountability mechanisms);
  6. Review human, financial and infrastructure resources;
  7. Assess the extent of social participation
  8. Determine the way forward

Deadline: 29 Nov 2020 SA Pacific Standard Time