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Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB),

On the 30th anniversary of the UNCRC and the Children Act, join the CFAB 2019 Annual International Child Protection Lecture.

APFEL & The Fostering Network,

A European network of fostering organisations, APFEL (Acting for the Promotion of Fostering at European Level) is holding its eighth European conference entitled Foster Care Transforming Lives in Edinburgh on 20 November, in partnership with The Fostering Network. 

CELCIS, A Way Home Scotland, The Scottish Government,

This report and recommendations have been developed to improve the housing journey of care leavers in Scotland, and prevent homelessness for people with experience of care.

Maya Wolfe-Robinson - The Guardian,

"Thousands of children in care whose immigration status will be affected by Brexit could find themselves in the UK unlawfully, facing homelessness, immigration detention or deportation, an immigration legal charity has said," says this article from the Guardian.

Child Protection Hub,

Join this webinar to walk through the PROMISE Child Participation Tool and to discuss approaches and considerations for soliciting children’s views on their Barnahus experience.

Helen Pidd and Maya Wolfe-Robinson - The Guardian,

Despite guidelines in place to prevent it, children's care homes in the UK continue to use the police as a “respite service," and children in residential care homes are 10 times more likely to be criminalised than other children, according to this article from the Guardian.

Sharon Jackson, Lynn Kelly & Brian Leslie - Child & Family Social Work,

This article reports on the analysis of 11 qualitative interviews with parents who had attended child protection case conferences (CPCCs) in Scotland.

Noel Titheradge and Ed Thomas - BBC News,

According to this article from BBC News, "children over the age of 16, often in care or formerly so, are increasingly being placed in unregulated homes in England and Wales," putting them at increased risk of exploitation and abuse.

Antti Kääriälä, Pasi Haapakorva, Elina Pekkarinen, Reijo Sund - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The purpose of this study was to explore early adulthood education and employment trajectories among young adults who experienced out-of-home care during childhood and to examine how various care history factors predict these trajectories.

Susanna Hoikkala & Tarja Pösö - Child & Family Social Work,

This article departs from the view that when children are perceived as bearers of rights, this should also be reflected in the institutional documents of decision‐making. That is why the documented layer of decisions about taking a child into care is examined here.