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Kieran Walsh,

This book examines how child protection law has been shaped by the transition to late modernity and how it copes with the ever-changing concept of risk.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and Department of Health (Northern Ireland),

This annual publication presents information on those who left care during the previous financial year, as well as the circumstances of those who have left care at the time of their nineteenth birthday.

Paul Kenyon and Emma Forde - File on 4 - BBC News,

More than 12,000 children in care are not living with at least one of their siblings, according to this article from BBC News.

Jo Staines & Julie Selwyn - Child & Family Social Work,

Drawing on a large‐scale online survey of looked after children's subjective well‐being, this paper demonstrates that a significant number of children and young people (age 4–18 years) did not fully understand the reasons for their entry to care.

Nuria Mackes - The Conversation,

In this article for the Conversation, Nuria Mackes discusses her team's latest research on the impacts of early childhood deprivation on adult brain size and behavior.

Nuria K. Mackes, Dennis Golm, Sagari Sarkar, Robert Kumsta, Michael Rutter, Graeme Fairchild, Mitul A. Mehta, Edmund J. S. Sonuga-Barke,

To investigate the impact of childhood deprivation on the adult brain and the extent to which structural changes underpin these effects, the authors of this study from PNAS utilized MRI data collected from young adults who were exposed to severe deprivation in early childhood in the Romanian orphanages of the Ceaușescu era and then, subsequently adopted by UK families.

France 24,

This video from France 24 describes the long-term impacts of institutionalization on the children placed in orphanages in Romania thirty years ago.

Réka Friedery - Bratislava Legal Forum,

The paper aims to build a frame around the main principles of family reunification through the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

FrankVan Holen, Cindy Blijkers, Lenny Trogh, Delphine West, Johan Vanderfaeillie - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study aimed at investigating the incidence of placement breakdown in Flemish family foster care (Dutch speaking part of Belgium) for unaccompanied children (UC), and to explore the association of breakdown with foster child, foster family and case characteristics.

Eduardo Martín, Patricia González-Navasa, Moisés Betancort - Children and Youth Services Review,

The objective of this work is to determine the factors associated with deciding to address family reunification from residential care (RC).