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Staf Summit,

The theme of the Summit is on improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for Scotland's care experienced young people. We know from conversations in our forums and events, feedback from young people and what was said during the Independent Care Review, and more recently as part of the 100 Days of Listening, that the link between health and social work is inextricable and without collaboration between all those who support young people to thrive, for many care experienced young people the health inequalities they face will continue. 


Temporary cover for period: March 2024 – August 2024 (6 months) contract


3200 – 3500€ gross monthly salary depending on experience


As the war in Ukraine enters its third year, the nation's children are feeling the overwhelming stress of displacement and life under the constant threat of attack. UNICEF and partners are working to protect children's mental health and provide psychosocial support to keep them healthy and preserve their hope for a brighter future.

Sean Boynton - Global News,

The most important phone call of Yevhen Mezhevyi’s life came in mid-June of 2022. His anxiety, fear and exhaustion at the time makes him fuzzy about the exact date. What he does remember is the sound of his son’s voice. Matvii was calling from Russia, where he and his two younger sisters had been forcibly deported nearly a month before — the same morning Mezhevyi, a single father and Ukrainian soldier from Mariupol, had been released without explanation after spending 45 days as a prisoner of war in a Russian penal colony in Donetsk oblast.

Sian Hopkins - Children and Young People Now,

The Children’s Homes Association (CHA) has released the trailer for its series of short documentary films in a bid to “reset the narrative” around residential care for children.

Zhanna Bezpiatchuk in Hroza - BBC Ukrainian,

Before the war, Dima led a normal life as a teenager. He lived with his parents, spent time with friends or on his phone, and sometimes bickered with his sisters. Now, standing in a cemetery on the outskirts of his village, Dima stares at the brightly coloured wreaths that cover the freshly dug graves of his parents and paternal grandparents.

Save the Children,

The international Child Protection (CP) Technical Advisor (TA) ensures technical excellence to drive Child Protection impact for children in need across Ukraine. Within the overarching goal of preventing and addressing violations of children’s rights, the international CP TA leads the thematic portfolio of interventions aimed at preventing and responding to all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children in Ukraine.

Lili Bayer - The Guardian,

The Hungarian president has announced her resignation over her decision to pardon a man convicted of helping cover up a sex abuse case at a children’s home as the controversy posed a challenge for Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

Aine Fox - The Independent,

Emotional scars associated with growing up in care are passed down through generations, according to a UK-first study.

Henrik Rothen - MSN,

In Moldova, a disturbing case has emerged involving the attempted sale of a Ukrainian infant to a Romanian couple, highlighting the dark underbelly of illegal adoption rings.