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Maritta Törrönen, Carol Munn-Giddings, Riitta Vornanen,

This study explores young people’s perceptions of their existential well-being during the transition after leaving care. The study involves peer research with young people leaving care in Finland and England.

Ruta Buivydaite , Apostolos Tsiachristas, Steve Thomas, Hannah Farncombe, Rafael Perera-Salazar, Ray Fitzpatrick, Charles Vincent,

In this paper, the authors describe a proposed programme of evaluation to examine the impact of a new approach to the welfare of children in England on the time they are in contact with services.

Diana Marre, Jessaca Leinaweaver,

This article explores the concept of solidaridad, considers its enduring currency in kinship discourse in Spain, and analyzes various case studies from the authors' respective research projects.

Gillian O'Hagan, Bronagh Byrne,

Autistic children's experiences of COVID-19 have been largely absent from current crisis and recovery discourse. This is the first published study to directly and specifically involve autistic children both as research advisors and as research participants in a rights-based participatory study relating to the pandemic. 

Erzsébet Rákó,

The aim of the study is to present the historical changes in child protection in Hungary and the process of deinstitutionalisation.

Judite Ie,

This article employs concepts from family sociology to explore how ‘family’ is conceptualised in 14 life narratives of young people in foster care in Spain.


This study sets out a framework to help reduce the number of children living in poverty and prevent more families from falling into financial distress.

New York Times,

Thousands of Ukrainian children have been transferred to Russia. “I didn’t want to go,” one girl told The New York Times from a foster home near Moscow.

United Nations,

У цьому звіті Незалежна міжнародна слідча комісія по Україні посилатиметься на висновки щодо подій наприкінці лютого та в березні 2022 року в чотирьох областях: Київській, Чернігівській, Харківській та Сумській, відповідно до вимог резолюції S-34/1 Ради з прав людини. 

United Nations,

В этом отчете Независимая международная комиссия по расследованию событий в Украине будет ссылаться на выводы о событиях в конце февраля и марте 2022 года в четырех областях: Киевской, Черниговской, Харьковской и Сумской, как того требует резолюция Совета по правам человека S-34/1.