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Sivan Balslev,

This article uses the lens of childhood history to shed light on some of the intricacies of the attempts to regulate child labor in Iran and to analyze Western observers’ views on this issue.

Fardin Alipour, Negin Khoramdel, Maliheh Arshi, Mohammad Sabzi Khoshnami - Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services,

This research explored the experiences of the postmarital life of women with a history of residence in foster care centers. It was conducted using a qualitative content analysis.

Marzieh Takaffoli, Maliheh Arshi, Meroe Vameghi, & Mir Taher Mousavi - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study aimed to determine the approach to child welfare in Iran by reviewing Iran’s laws and macro policies, and analysing them to provide an explicit and comprehensive definition for child welfare.

UNICEF, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, and Maestral International,

This report is a review of the social service workforce in eight countries: Djibouti, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan and Tunisia.

V. Alinia & M. Fesahat - Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences,

The present study tries investigating and comparing the psychological health status, emotions and cognitive transformation of the children held in foster centers associated with Yazd Province’s Welfare Organization with those of the ordinary children.


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Officer in Iran. 

Marianne Jakobsen, Melinda Ashley Meyer DeMott, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Trond Heir - BMJ Open,

This study examined the mental health of unaccompanied refugee minors during the asylum-seeking process, with a focus on specific stages in the asylum process, such as age assessment, placement in a supportive or non-supportive facility and final decision on the asylum applications.

Financial Tribune,

The child adoption rate in Iran has risen 35%.


After being separated from his parents in a Turkish forest, Mahdi Azizi reunited with his family in Sweden after his father spotted him at an open air concert.

Better Care Network,

This country care review includes the care-related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child.