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Elena Monserrath Jerves, Lucia De Haene, Peter Rober, Paul Enzlin - International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care,

The purpose of this study is to examine the association between parental migration and adolescents’ styles of close relationships with parents, friends and romantic partners.

Better Care Network,

This country care review includes the care related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Committee on the Rights of the Child as part of their examinations of the most recent state reports.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC),

This study seeks to improve understanding of the risks and types of sexual and gender-based violence faced by children who migrate on their own, as well as the unfortunate and widespread gaps in protection and assistance for these children.

SOS Children's Villages International,

The aim of this report from SOS Children's Villages is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the needs and rights of young people ageing out of alternative care around the world, in order to inform strategies, policies and services to improve their life chances and outcomes through appropriate preparation for leaving care as well as after-care support.

Ecuador Eco Volunteer,

This blog post from Ecuador Eco Volunteer describes the issues associated with orphanage volunteering and the reasons the company does not connect volunteers with orphanage placements. 

Samantha Chaitkin, Nigel Cantwell, Dr Chrissie Gale, Dr Ian Milligan, Catherine Flagothier, Claire O’Kane, Dr Graham Connelly - European Union, SOS Children's Villages, CELCIS,

The general objective of this study was to conduct a research on the possible issue of institutionalisation in six South and Central American, Asian and African countries in order to strengthen the knowledge of the European Commission on the nature, the extent and scope of institutionalisation and feasibility of de-institutionalisation (alternative care for children).

Dr Chrissie Gale and Mg Patricia Calero Teran - CELCIS & SOS Children's Villages,

The European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) commissioned SOS Children’s Villages International to undertake case studies of arrangements for ‘alternative child care’ in six non-European countries across three continents to help inform the EU’s future strategy for provision of support for children in countries outside Europe.  This report is a case study of one of the six countries, Ecuador.


El presente documento de protección está destinado a guiar las acciones de las instituciones gubernamentales y no gubernamentales de Ecuador, en su respuesta humanitaria para la protección de los derechos de los niños, niñas y adolescentes ecuatorianos y sus familias, afectadas por el terremoto ocurrido en fecha 16 de Abril del 2016.

Save the Children,

Este documento discute el enfoque integral utilizado por Save the Children para promover la sinergia entre la autonomía personal y el desarrollo económico. 

Save the Children,

This document discusses the comprehensive approach used by Save the Children to promote synergy between personal autonomy and economic development.