Decent Work and Social Protection For Young People Leaving Care: Gaps and Responses in 12 Countries Worldwide

SOS Children's Villages International

The aim of this report from SOS Children's Villages is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the needs and rights of young people ageing out of alternative care around the world, in order to inform strategies, policies and services to improve their life chances and outcomes through appropriate preparation for leaving care as well as after-care support. The specific objectives of the research were to highlight facts and figures (or in some cases, lack thereof) on the experiences and challenges of young people leaving care, including through their own voice and the testimony of experts to complement existing data and literature sources. Overall, the report brings together information on the legal and policy frameworks, the organization of services, promising practices and proposals in development, but also gaps that need to be addressed in order to offer a preliminary analytical overview of this social phenomenon and recommendations to spark positive change. The report focuses on 12 countries around the world: Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Tunisia, Cape Verde, Togo, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan.