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Faith to Action Initiative,

Faith to Action is looking for a full-time employee to support our efforts in outreach to U.S. Christians, sharing the family care message.

Lizzie Presser - The New York Times,

Across the country, an unregulated system is severing parents from children, who often end up abandoned by the agencies that are supposed to protect them.

Becci A. Akin, Crystal Collins-Camargo, Jessica Strolin-Goltzman, Becky Antle, A. Nathan Verbist, Ashley N. Palmer, Alison Krompf,

Findings of this report suggest that early screenings for trauma and behavioral health needs may provide important information that could be used to identify children's needs, make appropriate service referrals, establish well-matched placements, and support resource parents and birth parents toward better permanency outcomes.

Brittney Johnson - NBCDFW,

Right now hundreds of kids in foster care across Texas who don't have a safe placement are sleeping in offices, hotels, churches and other donated spaces. Social workers, case managers and other employees from the DFPS are being asked to take on child watch shifts to care for them.

Eric Galatas - Public News Service,

Some 24,000 teenagers in foster care across the nation officially become adults each year; in Nebraska it happens on their 19th birthday. They are expected to move out and start their lives on their own, yet many do not have a reliable support system. They face many challenges, including finding a job and a place to live.

Megan Conn - The Imprint,

Under the Family First Prevention Services Act, a law passed by Congress that took effect in New York in late September, federal funding for congregate care has been dramatically reduced.

Stanford Early Life Stress and Resilience Program, National Center for Youth Law, Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice,

Providing effective mental health services to unaccompanied children released from federal immigration custody is both critically important and incredibly challenging. Developed by children’s rights attorneys and mental health experts on trauma and immigration, this Guide is grounded in the voices and experiences of unaccompanied children.

Disability Rights International,

Public Hearing: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Date: October 22

Time: 4:00 pm EDT

Sheelah Kolhatkar - The New Yorker,

In just a few years, a Michigan woman took in millions of dollars, faking adoptions and ruining families’ lives along the way.

Laura Longero - Money Geek,

When youths get close to aging out of foster care, it’s important to plan for emancipation. Aging out of foster care — or emancipating — is the termination of court jurisdiction over youths formally in foster care.