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Justice With Children,

2025 World Congress on Justice with Children

Mónica López López, Gabriela Martínez-Jothar, Mijntje D.C. ten Brummelaar, Luis A. Parra, Beatriz San Román Sobrino, Gerald P. Mallon,

The focus of this study was to understand youths’ processes of resilience-development through relationships with care professionals in the child welfare system. In this study, the authors held 15 narrative interviews with LGBTQ+ youth between the ages of 14 and 21 years that were living in residential care in Spain.

Nuria Fuentes-Peláez, Carme Montserrat, Rosa Sitjes-Figueras, Gemma Crous,

This study aims to develop an understanding of the distinctive features of kinship and non-kin foster care based on information obtained from fostered children and child care professionals in Spain.

Lorena Maneiro, Nerea Llerena, & Laura López-Romero,

This study analyzes the sequential relationships between exposure to adverse childhood experiences, trauma-related symptoms, psychological maladjustment, and the perception of group climate and peer interactions for those in out-of-home placements in Spain.

Save the Children International,

This study aims to address a gap in migration research, by developing a holistic and gender-specific understanding of the migratory patterns and experiences of girls in, through, and to North Africa. To do so, the research team employed a qualitative research approach, informed by child- and gender-sensitive practices, to collect data from girls and boys in Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia.

SOS Villages International,

The project aims to make children and young people active agents in creating a safe environment for themselves and their peers, and to enable professionals who work with and care for children and young people to respond appropriately to peer violence amongst them.

Rosa Sitjes-Figueras, Joan Llosada-Gistau, Carme Montserrat,

The aim of this article is to analyse the factors that intervene in decision-making by childcare professionals regarding non-kin foster care in the north-east of Spain.

Cristina Soriano-Díaz, Juan Manuel Moreno-Manso, María Elena García-Baamonde, Mónica Guerrero-Molina, Pilar Cantillo-Cordero,

This paper studies the emotional and behavioural difficulties and the personal wellbeing of adolescents under protective measures in Spain. 


This report highlights the recommendations and priorities that EU decision-makers and national governments can do to support the most vulnerable children and prevent widening inequalities. 

Save the Children Spain,

The objective of this Save the Children Spain document is to gather the key findings of the combination of “Parenting with tenderness” and “Parenting on the move” in migratory contexts. It also seeks to improve the quality of its implementation in the context of Mexican migration, based on good practices and lessons learned.