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Nuria Molano, Esperanza León, Maite Román, Jesús M. Jiménez-Morago, Carmen Moreno - ,

In the present study, the authors explored the adult-child interactions that took place in 116 families from Spain: 28 long-term non-kin foster families, 34 adoptive families, and a community comparison group made up of 54 families.

Carme Montserrat, Paulo Delgado, Marta Garcia-Molsosa, João M. S. Carvalho and Joan Llosada-Gistau - Social Sciences,

A qualitative study was designed highlighting the voices of children, analysing their fostering experience, interpersonal relationships, their participation in daily decisions, and future aspirations.

Ainoa Mateos, M. Àngels Balsells, Nuria Fuentes‐Peláez, María José Rodrigo - Children & Society,

This paper presents data from a unique programme evaluation of the parenting programme titled ‘Learning together, growing as a family’ applied in 14 cities in Spain and targeting families at risk of neglectful behaviour.

Xavier Montagud Mayor - Journal of Children's Services,

This study aims to examine the consequences of the last great recession on the child protection system (CPS) in Spain, to estimate whether there is any kind of relationship between the conditions of socio-economic crisis and its protective activity.

Laura Arnau-Sabatés, Amy Dworsky, Josefina Sala-Roca, Mark E. Courtney - Children and Youth Services Review,

This cross-national study compares and contrasts how two states- one in the U.S. (Illinois) and one in Spain (Catalonia)—support care leavers as they transition into adulthood.


This webinar was part of Eurochild’s breakfast webinars to mark World Children’s Day 2020. The webinar looked at how the European Child Guarantee initiative can help address the growing challenge of child poverty, particularly the deepened economic divides that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, and brought the perspective of the Spanish government, which has made the fight against child poverty a particular priority.


This report reflects on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on children. It compiles information gathered from 25 countries across Europe, and provides recommendations for improving public policies in the short and long-term to support better outcomes for children and families, including children in alternative care or at risk of separation.

Mónica Guzmán Zapater - Cuadernos de derecho transnacional,

No reconocimiento de Kafala constituida entre ciudadanos marroquíes a efectos de adopción. Antecedentes y alcance de la prohibición contenida en el artículo 19.4 de la Ley de adopción internacional.

Nuria Camuñas, María Vaíllo, Irini Mavrou, María Brígido, Miriam Poole Quintana - Children and Youth Services Review,

The present study analysed the executive, emotional, and behavioural profile of 121 minors aged between 13 and 17, who were living in residential care homes funded by Asociación Nuevo Futuro (Spain).

Estrella Romero, Laura López-Romero, Beatriz Domínguez-Álvarez, Paula Villar, and Jose Antonio Gómez-Fraguela - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

The present study aimed to examine the effects of the Spanish confinement derived from the COVID-19 crisis on children and their families, accounting for child’s age.