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ISPCAN in partnership with Italian country partner, CISMAI, will be hosting the 2020 European Congress in the Rimini Convention Center from June 22-24, 2020. 

María D. Salas, Isabel M. Bernedo, Miguel A. García‐Martín, María J. Fuentes - Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science,

The objective of this study is to identify situations and behaviors occurring during contact visits that are likely to have an impact on a foster child's well‐being.

Divya Mishra ,Paul B. Spiegel, Vasileia Lucero Digidiki, Peter J. Winch - PLoS Med,

This study examines how the interpretation of vulnerability by the national shelter system for male UAMs in Greece shapes their trajectories into adulthood.

Megan Smith, Lucía González‐Pasarín, María D. Salas, Isabel M. Bernedo - Child & Family Social Work,

This review aims to provide social workers with a resource to guide their decision‐making by evaluating both the benefits and risks associated with open adoption.

Plataforma de Infancia: España,

Esta página de Plataforma de Infancia presenta una selección de los artículos o recursos educativos que han identificado hasta ahora y que pueden facilitar la tarea de hablar con niñas y niños sobre el coronavirus y resolver sus dudas.

Save the Children Italy,

Save the Children Italy has launched an extraordinary intervention program for children and adolescents involved in their projects. The program aims to be a valid support for vulnerable minors and their families. 

BBC News,

This short video from BBC News features interviews with some of the migrant children and young people who are being held in difficult conditions in the Greek port of Mytilene.

Eduard Vaquero, M. Àngels Balsells, Carmen Ponce, Aida Urrea, Alicia Navajas - Social Sciences,

The aims of this article were to identify the types and characteristics of social support for families in vulnerable situations and to analyze what elements influence families’ attitudes towards these supports.

Alessandra Fermani, Ramona Bongelli, Gonzalo Del Moral Arroyo, Alla Matuszak, Morena Muzi, Carlos A. Pereyra Cardini & Ilaria Riccioni - Revista Espacios,

This study presents the results of research carried out on adolescents and emerging adults adopted both in Italy and in Argentina. The main aim is to investigate the role and the associations of satisfaction with life, self-concept clarity, and parental attachment on educational identity.

María Verónica Jimeno, Jose Miguel Latorre, María José Cantero - Journal of Interpersonal Violence,

In this study, autobiographical memory tests, working memory, and a depressive symptom assessment were administered to 48 adolescents in care with a history of maltreatment (22 abused and 26 neglected) without mental disorder, who had been removed from their family and were living in residential child care, and to 61 adolescents nonmaltreated who had never been placed in care.