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Russian Federation

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E. V. Bakhvalova, A. V. Miklyaeva - Integration of Education,

The study sought to reveal socio-psychological factors of successful integration of institutionalized adolescents into mainstream schools.

Dekina E.V., Kulikova T.I., Shalaginova K.S. - PSYCHOLOGY,

Цель исследования состоит в изучении проблем психологической адаптации биологических детей в приемной семье и возможности детско-родительского клуба в их преодолении.

Meri Kulmala, Maija Jäppinen, Anna Tarasenko, Anna Pivovarova,

This book provides new and empirically grounded research-based knowledge and insights into the current transformation of the Russian child welfare system. It focuses on the major shift in Russia’s child welfare policy: deinstitutionalisation of the system of children’s homes inherited from the Soviet era and an increase in fostering and adoption.

Andrew Roth - The Guardian,

"As many as 1,000 babies born to surrogate mothers in Russia for foreign families have been left stranded in the country by the coronavirus pandemic and closure of international borders," says this article from the Guardian.

Sofia An & Meri Kulmala - Global Social Policy,

This article compares how the global policy of deinstitutionalisation (DI) of child welfare travelled, was translated and institutionalised in two post-Soviet countries – Russia and Kazakhstan.

Н.А. Иванова - Актуальные проблемы государства и права,

Целью является исследование особенностей правового регулирования договорной опеки (попечительства) над несовершеннолетними детьми в современной России.

Liliya A. Aslamazova, Rifkat J. Muhamedrahimov, and Elena A. Vershinina - Behavioral Sciences,

This research was aimed at the features of children and characteristics of foster families who refuse to continue parenting foster children.

Marina A. Zhukova, Sergey A. Kornilov, Stella N. Tseitlin, Marina B. Eliseeva, Elena A. Vershinina, Rifkat J. Muhamedrahimov, Elena L. Grigorenko - British Journal of Developmental Psychology,

To investigate the early language development of children raised in institutional settings in the Russian Federation, the authors of this study compared a group of children in institutional care to their age‐matched peers raised in biological families, who have never been institutionalized using the Russian version of the CDI.

Peñarrubia María, Palacios Jesús, Román Maite - Children and Youth Services Review,

In this study, executive functions were examined in post-institutionalized children adopted into Spanish families from Russian institutions.

Veronika Odinokova, Maia Rusakova, Vladlena Avdeeva - Victim, Perpetrator, or What Else?,

This is a study on perceptions of child abuse and interventions in cases of abuse in the Family and Childhood Support Centres in Saint Petersburg, Russia.