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Human Rights Watch,

This is Human Rights Watch's submission to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child's 94th pre-session to highlight areas of concern regarding the government of Russia’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The Associated Press,

The lower house of the Russian parliament on Thursday passed a bill banning foreigners from using Russian surrogate mothers.

Kent Masing - International Business Times,

Russia is set to approve legislation prohibiting foreigners from hiring Russian women to be surrogate mothers for them, the top lawmaker of the Russian State Duma announced Sunday, the country's Mother's Day.


Russia will soon adopt a law barring foreigners from using Russian surrogate mothers, Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the lower house of parliament said on Sunday, the nation's Mother's Day. Paid surrogacy is legal in Russia, but the practice has been criticised by religious groups as commercializing the birth of children.

Sheila R. van Berkel, Marielle J. L. Prevoo, Marielle Linting, Fieke Pannebakker, Lenneke R. A. Alink,

The aim of this study was to investigate (a) the extent to which child maltreatment co-occurs with parental separation and (b) associations between different types of child maltreatment and various types of separation-associated interparental conflict. This cross-national comparative study on family dynamics was based on National survey data of the US, Russia and 17 European countries indicates that in these countries 10–44% of the couples with children had separated before one of their children reached the age of 15 years.

UN Human Rights Council,

UN human rights experts today expressed concern about the situation of children with disabilities in Ukraine placed in institutions and being displaced to other institutional settings either within Ukraine or further afield.

Beatrice Zemelyte - Al Jazeera,

More than a quarter of Ukrainians – 12 million – have been forced to leave their homes. While about seven million are internally displaced, five million have sought asylum in neighbouring European countries, the UNHCR says. And throughout the war, observers have been noting a double standard in the treatment of refugees. While those from other conflict-hit nations are shunned by Western countries, Ukrainians fleeing war have been welcomed with open arms.

Sasha Petrova - Al Jazeera,

Russian forces have reportedly captured the teenaged son of an official in Zaporizhzhia, while others have been separated from their families.


As of the morning of June 8, 2022, more than 741 children were injured in Ukraine as a result of the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation: according to official information of juvenile prosecutors, 263 children were killed, more than 478 injured, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) reports.

Anthony Deutsch, Stephanie van den Berg - Reuters,

Prosecutors investigating war crimes cases in Ukraine are examining allegations of the forcible deportation of children to Russia since the invasion as they seek to build a genocide indictment, the country’s top prosecutor said in an interview.