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Jo Napolitano -,

Just over the zigzag pathway of the Tijuana border crossing, a mile or so from the taco and churros stands that feed locals and tourists alike, past the indigenous women sitting on the sun-scorched sidewalk and begging for change with infants at their breasts, rests a pop-up encampment for Ukrainian and Russian refugees fleeing an invasion they could neither endure nor support.

International Data Alliance for Children on the Move (IDAC) ,

The International Data Alliance for Children on the Move (IDAC) held this webinar on April 11, 2022, to discuss the need for concrete data and information crucially needed to support affected children inside and outside Ukraine. Representatives of countries directly affected by the Ukrainian crisis as well as key partners on the ground shared their insights.

Bethany Dawson - Business Insider,

The Ukrainian Ombudswoman for Human Rights has said that the Russian government is crafting legislation to allow Russians to adopt Ukrainian children forcibly taken to Russia by military forces. She has also stated that, so far, over 121,000 children have been "deported" by the Russian government.

Rebecca Wright, Olha Konovalova - CNN,

The exodus from the southeastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia and from across Ukraine has been underway since Russia launched its invasion on February 24, 2022, with more than a million refugees pouring into neighboring countries. The pace of evacuations from Zaporizhzhia has escalated since Thursday evening, when the nearby nuclear power station in Enerhodar was captured by Russian soldiers, who set fire to a training building adjacent to the plant. Some residents fear the Russians will attack the city itself next, or try to impose power blackouts.


BARCELONA, Spain — They file into neighboring countries by the hundreds of thousands — refugees from Ukraine clutching children in one arm, belongings in the other. And they're being heartily welcomed, by leaders of countries like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania.

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They carried flowers, and handmade signs reading "нет войне" — No to War. They tried to leave their message outside Ukraine's embassy in Moscow — and for that, they were arrested.

Aleksandra Yu. Telitsyna, Aleksandra Yu. Milakova,

Отмечается, что, несмотря на усилия государства и некоммерческих организаций (далее – НКО), сохраняются проблемы адаптации детей-сирот к интеграции в социум. Обращается внимание на тот факт, что исследование речевых поведенческих моделей выпускников детских институциональных учреждений (ЦССВ, ЦССД) некоторых некоммерческих организаций выявляет антиномичность их программ друг другу и исходным целям. Объектом этих противоречий выступает процесс формирования зависимых социальных установок детей-сирот. Задача проведенного авторами исследования – выявить социальные установки выпускников детских (интернатных) учреждений, касающиеся собственной траектории социальной и профессиональной адаптации, и сопоставить, насколько выявленным установкам соответствуют существующие программы постинтернатной адаптации, реализуемые НКО.

Despite the efforts of the state and non-profit organizations (hereinafter — NPOs), the problems of orphans’ adaptation and integration into the society persist. Studies of speech behavioral models in graduates of child care institutions of some non-profit organizations reveal the antinomic nature of their programs and goals. These contradictions revolve around the process of formation of dependent social attitudes in orphaned children. The task of this research is to assess the role that NPOs play in the formation of certain social attitudes of graduates of child care (boarding) institutions (ex-orphanages).

Irina A. Bobyleva - Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights and Interests,

Представлен обзор проблемы готовности сирот к самостоятельной жизни. Показано, что внешние детерминанты готовности к самостоятельной жизни связаны со спецификой взросления сирот и находятся в исследовательском поле социальной адаптации выпускников детских домов.

Low readiness for independent living is what underlies the problems of social adaptation in children and adolescents from orphan organizations. This review explores how scientists and practitioners interpret this very concept of readiness for independent living.


"The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the judicial practice in cases of international adoption," says this article from the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

E. V. Bakhvalova, A. V. Miklyaeva - Integration of Education,

The study sought to reveal socio-psychological factors of successful integration of institutionalized adolescents into mainstream schools.