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EU Reporter,

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minster Iryna Vereshchuk urged Russians on Tuesday (28 March) not to adopt children she claimed were "stolen in Ukraine" during the war. She said they had been deported to Russia.

Isabel van Brugen - Newsweek,

More than a year on, Russian President Vladimir Putin's war continues to have a devastating impact across all sectors of Ukrainian society. Among the hardest hit—Ukraine's children.

International Social Service (ISS),

Ce document fournit des conseils sur la manière d’appliquer les normes internationales en travaillant avec les enfants et leurs familles touchés par cette crise.

International Social Service (ISS),

Con este documento se pretende ofrecer un marco sobre cómo implementar las normas internacionales al trabajar con niños/as y sus
familias que se han visto afectados por esta crisis.

Sarah El Deeb, Anastasiia Shvets, Elizaveta Tilna,

Thousands of children have been found in the basements of war-torn cities like Mariupol and at orphanages in the Russian-backed separatist territories of Donbas. They include those whose parents were killed by Russian shelling as well as others in institutions or with foster families, known as “children of the state.”

Laura Gozzi - BBC News,

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine said there was evidence of the illegal transfer of hundreds of Ukrainian children to Russia. The Commission's report is categorical that Russia also committed other war crimes in Ukraine.

Human Rights Watch,

This Human Rights Watch report documents risks to children from institutions in areas directly affected by the conflict as well as those evacuated to other areas of Ukraine or to European countries.

European Commission,

This Communication takes stock of the Temporary Protection Directive implemented on 4 March 2022 over the course of one year. It provides insight into how the EU managed to enable and coordinate a response to the largest displacement on European soil since the Second World War.

Interagency Statement,

Принудительное перемещение, депортация и усыновление детей из Украины, призводящее к окончательному разлучению детей с их семьями, сообществами  и культурой, является явным нарушением их прав человека и международного гуманитарного права и предста

Interagency Statement,

Примусове переміщення, депортація та усиновлення дітей з України, що призвело до остаточн