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Man Yee Ho and Siya Liang - Child & Family Social Work,

This study examines a promising new coping and parental competency (CPC) intervention for parents of children with special educational needs that targets parents' mental health outcomes.

Wei Lu & Yanfeng Xu - International Journal of Social Welfare,

To understand network governance among actors involved in contracting out foster care services, service funders, service providers, and service users were interviewed. A thematic analysis of interviews combined with a critical review of archival data was conducted.

Wanru Xiong - Journal of Human Trafficking,

This article presents evidence of son preference in the child trafficking market for illegal adoption in China, where son preference is explicitly revealed by choice and quantified by the price premium of a boy.

Sung-Eun Lim - Korea Institute for Health & Social Affairs,

This brief discusses ways in which the roles and functions of Korea’s child welfare facilities should change to better meet the diverse needs of children in need.

Wubin Xie, John Sandberg, Elanah Uretsky, Yuantao Hao & Cheng Huang - Population Research and Policy Review,

Using three waves of the China Family Panel Studies data collected in 2010, 2012 and 2014, the current study examines the association between parental migration and a number of early childhood development (ECD) outcomes.

Mi-lan J. Woudstra, Rosanneke A. G. Emmen, Lenneke R. A. Alink, Lamei Wang, Marjolein C. E. Branger, Judi Mesman - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The authors of this study examined attitudes about child maltreatment in China and the Netherlands.

Victor Hsiao, Sunya Chen, Mellissa Withers - Journal of Health and Caring Sciences,

Thirteen youth from a group home in Taiwan for teenage boys in the foster care and juvenile justice systems participated in this yearlong study which utilized a strengths-based approach to examine resiliency, their needs, and sources of support. This article describes nine key lessons learned to keep at-risk youth at the center of future similar research studies through protecting, representing, and empowering them.

Mengshi Li, et al - Children and Youth Services Review,

A cross-sectional study was conducted in five counties of five provinces in China to investigate the effects of age at separation and duration of maternal separation on the early development of left-behind children.

Chun Kang, Hongjuan Chang, Yanmei Zhang, Juan Han, Heng Meng, Chang Peng, Fajuan Rong, Mengni Wang, Yizhen Yu - Journal of Affective Disorders,

This study aimed to examine the specific effects of neglect and physical abuse on adolescent aggressive behaviors and to further explore the potential sex-specific effect.

Yafan Chen, Bin Tu, Chien‐Chung Huang, Can Huang - Child: Care, Health and Development,

This study examines the effect of an innovative caregiver education program in China on caregivers' perceived increase of parenting knowledge.