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Against Child Abuse Hong Kong, ISPCAN,

This 90-minute session offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from the leaders of 6 pivotal organizations representing countries in Far-East Asia that have developed cutting edge approaches to child protection systems. 

Baorui Chang, Yanhan Wei, Jiandong Fang,

This study uncovers the internal mechanisms through which parental care deficit impacts depression in left-behind children in China.

Yunzhu Wu,

To investigate and discuss the mental health status of left-behind children in Anhui Province before and after the COVID-19 pandemic and analyze its influencing factors.

Anne Scully-Johnson - Cambridge University Press,

This research is part of a wider project commissioned by the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights (HKCCR), a non-governmental organisation originally formed in 1992 to promote, advance and ensure the rights of the child in Hong Kong. The aim of the wider project was to establish an independent baseline study of the implementation of Article 12 across all relevant sectors in Hong Kong, from constitutional and high-level policy-making to health and education to matters of leisure, culture and built environment, amongst others.

Lizhang Dong, Yanan Peng, Ran Zhang, Kang Ju, Juzhe Xi,

This study investigates the impact of various sources of social support on the mental health of unaccompanied children under residential education in China. Unaccompanied children refer to those whose parents are still alive but unable to raise them due to various reasons.

The Associated Press,

Adoptees sent to Europe and the US say they were wrongly removed from their families as government in Seoul actively promoted adoption.

Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

The Task Force on Foster Care of the Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform held the fifth webinar in the spotlight series on Foster Care Practice on 15 September 2022. The webinar explored participation in foster care with particular focus on individual decision making for children and young people. We heard from people with lived experience of foster care in different contexts, including Uganda, Ireland and Argentina.

Ramya Subrahmanian, Manahil Siddiqi, Nicole Petrowski, Claudia Cappa,

This brief provides an overview of the data and evidence gaps on violence against children in East Asia and the Pacific. It calls for greater attention to generating, sharing and applying quality data and evidence to protect the safety and rights of children within the region.

Endale Tadesse, Sabika Khalid, Cai Lianyu, Chunhai Gao,

This study sought to explore the psychological well-being, academic adjustment, and quality of parental attachment of LBC during COVID-19 in rural China based on Left-Behind Children’s (LBC) word of mouth.

Lili Wei, Ying Yang, Jing Zhang, Lijuan Si,

With the rapid economic development in China, large numbers of migrants are moving to metropolitan areas in search of better jobs. They are faced with the dilemma of whether to leave their children behind in the countryside due to various socioeconomic factors. The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of different migration arrangements on child welfare.