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Burkina Faso

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Clifford O. Odimegwu - Family Demography and Post-2015 Development Agenda in Africa,

This paper examines all policy and laws related to families in the South, West, East and Central regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

Adrian D. van Breda & John Pinkerton - Emerging Adulthood,

The special issue of Emerging Adulthood titled “Care-Leaving in Africa” is the first collection of essays on care-leaving by African scholars. This article, coauthored by scholars from North and South, argues in favor of North–South dialogue but highlights several challenges inherent in this, including the indigenizing and thus marginalizing of African experience and scholarship and divergent constructions of key social concepts.

Mark Canavera, Bree Akesson, Debbie Landis, Miranda Armstrong, Elizabeth Meyer - International Journal of Social Welfare,

This article presents the results of a systematic mapping of social work training programs in countries throughout West Africa, a region historically under‐represented in global discussions of the social welfare workforce.

Leyla Ismayilova & Leyla Karimli - Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology ,

This study tests the effects of economic intervention—alone and in combination with a family-focused component—on parenting outcomes and children’s reports of violence in rural Burkina Faso.


C’est dans ce contexte que le bureau de l’UNICEF au Burkina Faso se propose par le biais de ces termes de référence de recruter un-e Spécialiste national en Protection de l’Enfant (PE), de niveau NOC, pour assurer la gestion de ce projet, sous un contrat temporaire (TA), pour une période de 364 jours, sous la supervision de la chef de section Protection de l’enfant.


l’UNICEF au Burkina Faso se propose par le biais de ces termes de référence de recruter un-e administrateur-trice national-e en Protection de l’Enfant (PE), de niveau NOB.


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Specialist in Burkina Faso.

Laeila Adjovi - BBC News,

This article from the BBC tells the story of one family, and many others like it, in a small town in Burkina Faso where it has become customary for men to migrate to Italy for work, leaving wives and children behind. 

Olivier Bargain & Delphine Boutin - IZA,

This paper explores the effects of remittance receipt on child labour in an African context. 

Josephine Wouango, Daniel Turcotte,

Cet article porte sur l’analyse de trois configurations institutionnelles de la protection de l’enfance : celle en place au Burkina Faso, en Belgique et au Québec. Pour chaque configuration, le texte explore les transformations qui ont marqué le passage de la prise en charge exclusive de l’enfant par la famille vers la présence accrue de l’État et la manière dont la Convention internationale des droits de l’enfant de 1989 a influencé ce passage.