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South Korea

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Sung-Eun Lim - Korea Institute for Health & Social Affairs,

This brief discusses ways in which the roles and functions of Korea’s child welfare facilities should change to better meet the diverse needs of children in need.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, life in residential facilities for people with disabilities in South Korea has become even more precarious, if not deadly, said Lee Jung-ha, who heads the advocacy group Padosan, in an interview for this article from Hankyoreh.

Shinwoo Choi, Soo-Jung Byoun, Eun Hee Kim - International Social Work,

This short essay presents unwed single mothers’ increased vulnerabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of childcare, financial crisis, and mental health.

Eun Mi An, Sang Jung Lee, Ick-Joong Chung - Children and Youth Services Review,

The purpose of this study was to longitudinally examine the effects of stigma on the development of children living in out-of-home care situations, specifically with regards to self-esteem and antisocial behavior.

Choe Sang-Hun - The New York Times,

"A court in Seoul ruled Friday that a woman adopted by an American couple almost four decades ago must be recognized as a daughter of an 85-year-old South Korean man," says this article from the New York Times.

Seunghee Baeg, Boram Lee, Hye Jun Park - Children and Youth Services Review,

In this study, the authors aim to help clarify the pathway from parental supervisory neglect to peer victimization through the mediating roles of self-esteem and internalizing problems among adolescents in South Korea.

Kim AY, Kim OM, Hu AW, Oh JS, Lee RM - Journal of Family Psychology,

The authors of this study introduce a new construct, birth family thoughts, that captures a sense of curiosity about birth family for adopted individuals, and describe the development of an accompanying brief self-report measure, the Birth Family Thoughts Scale (BFTS).

Kyung Eun Jahng - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study examined the moderating effect of maternal parenting self-efficacy on the relationship between mothers’ childhood abuse experience and their abuse of their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).

Sang Jung Lee, Eun Mi An & Ick-Joong Chung - Child Indicators Research,

This study aims to develop a Korean out-of-home care satisfaction scale based on questions from the Foster Care Improvements Project.

Sang Jung Lee, Eun Mi An, Ick-Joong Chung - Child Indicators Research,

This study aimed to develop a Korean out-of-home care satisfaction scale. The study sample consisted of 484 children from institutional care, group homes, and foster homes in Korea.