Papua New Guinea

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This consultancy aims to provide technical support to the Office of Child and Family Services in leading and coordinating the implementation of the Child Protection Act (2015)-LPA and the National Child Protection Policy (2017-2027) thereby improving the care, support and protection of children.

UNICEF Papua New Guinea,

As part of UNICEF global initiative to End Violence against Children, UNICEF Papua New Guinea ( PNG) is currently working closely with the Department for Community Development and Religion; Department of National Planning  & Monitoring; NBC radio and Kundu TV and PNG Coalition on Child Rights to undertake a yearlong END VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN campaign at national and sub national level. The Campaign in Papua New Guinea aims to make violence against children VISIBLE by urging ordinary citizens, law-makers, government, the media, civil society organizations and  faith based organizations throughout the country to TALK OUT and TAKE ACTION to prevent violence against children from happening and to address when it does by providing care and support for survivors. The campaign was launched on 18th June and will be conducted for a period of one year

ECPAT International,

This report presents the findings of a mappings and assessments review of child protection systems in 14 countries including Cambodia.

This presentation was given at the Alternative Care Workshop in Bangkok in November 2005.