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Helen Davidson - The Guardian,

"Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has responded to concerns that young children are being separated from their parents in quarantine centres as the city seeks to control its latest Covid-19 outbreak," says this article from the Guardian.

Man Yee Ho and Siya Liang - Child & Family Social Work,

This study examines a promising new coping and parental competency (CPC) intervention for parents of children with special educational needs that targets parents' mental health outcomes.

Winnie W. Y. Tso, et al - European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,

The authors of this study conducted a large-scale cross-sectional population study of Hong Kong families with children aged 2–12 years. Parents completed an online survey on family demographics, child psychosocial wellbeing, functioning and lifestyle habits, parent–child interactions, and parental stress during school closures due to COVID-19.

Hong Kong Red Cross,

This leaflet offers mental health and psychosocial support messages developed by Hong Kong Red Cross for healthcare professionals and first responders during disease outbreak.

Hong Kong Red Cross,

This document features mental health and psychosocial support messages developed by Hong Kong Red Cross for families, friends, colleagues of those in quarantine or self-isolation.

Mooly Wong Mei-ching - Education in Out-of-Home Care,

This chapter from the book Education in Out-of-Home Care examines how far education and the school context meet the educational needs of out-of-home care children in Hong Kong from the perspective of inclusive education.

Margaret Grant & Alan Rushton - Children and Youth Services Review,

This paper seeks to contribute to debates about how people's adult lives unfold after experiencing childhood adversity. It presents analysis from the British Chinese Adoption Study: a mixed methods follow-up study of women, now aged in their 40s and early 50s, who spent their infant lives in Hong Kong orphanages and were then adopted by families in the UK in the 1960s.

Mooly M.C. Wong, Joyce L.C. Ma and Londy C.L. Chan - Children and Youth Services Review,

This article examines the impact of poverty on looked-after children and their families, describes and evaluates the use of multiple family group therapy and other family-based interventions, and reports children's experiences and feedback from the groups. 

Martin James Foundation,

As part of phase one of the development of the Martin James Foundation's Asia Care Network, comprehensive studies of the care system in each country were conducted to highlight the need for developing alternative care systems across South-East Asia. This case study highlights relevant data from Hong Kong.