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Heine Steinkopf, Dag Nordanger, Brynjulf Stige & Anne Marita Milde - Child & Youth Services ,

Trauma informed care (TIC) emphasizes the importance of professionals maintaining an emotionally regulated state. For this article, the authors interviewed eight staff members in a residential care unit for children and adolescents where TIC had been implemented, about situations wherein they experienced difficulty regulating their own emotions.

Wenche Hovland, Sarah Hean - Child & Family Social Work,

This paper explores young people's perceptions of changes in the quality of sibling relationships and the pathways relationships follow during the transition from the biological family into care.

Sondre Aasen Nilsen, Kristin Gärtner Askeland, Dora Poni Joseph Loro, Anette Christine Iversen, Karen J. Skaale Havnen, Tormod Bøe, Ove Heradstveit - Child & Family Social Work,

This study aimed to compare mental health problems and health service use among adolescents receiving in-home services (IHS), living in foster care (FC) and general population youth (GP).

Jan Storø - Child & Family Social Work,

The article discusses two previously published articles by the author and two co‐authors, where the topics are the history of leaving care support in Norway and how the Nordic welfare model may represent a problematic frame for leaving care support.

Ellen Syrstad & Ottar Ness - The Journal of Family Therapy,

This article explores the possibilities of a systemic approach in the support of parents whose children are placed in public care.

Tonje Gundersen - Children & Society,

This paper explores how young people who have been in out‐of‐home care develop a positive agentic capacity.

Laura Navne and Marie Jakobsen - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies ,

This study investigates the extent and causes of child abandonment and various practices and services in relation to prevention of child abandonment in Denmark and other high-income countries.

MarieHatlelid Føleide - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study consists of interviews with 22 children’s spokespersons in Norway. Study findings question whether children in care proceedings understand the invitation to voice their wishes as confined to matters relating to the proceedings.

Guro Brokke Omland, Agnes Andenas, Nora Sveaass - Child & Family Social Work,

Informed by developmental perspectives that consider young people's development through participation across contexts in everyday life and by research into how parents in ‘ordinary’ families organize care, the authors of this article developed a study based on interviews with 15 unaccompanied refugee minors and their professional caregivers at residential care institutions.

Hege Stein Helland - Children and Youth Services Review,

This article studies how three groups of professional decision-makers – child welfare workers, experts on children and judges – exercise discretion in decisions on adoption from care in the Norwegian child welfare system.