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UNICEF Division of Data, Analytics, Planning and Monitoring,

This brochure from UNICEF provides an overview of child marriage in the Sahel, a region spanning the northern portion of sub-Saharan Africa.

World Vision,

This report explores children and young people’s views and experiences related to COVID-19 and its indirect impacts. Firstly, it looks at children and young people’s perceptions of how COVID-19 has had an impact on their lives and countries.

SOS Children's Villages,

Vulnerable children and families need a strong social support network that acts as a safety net to effectively and sustainably respond to the situation of children and families at risk.

Clifford O. Odimegwu - Family Demography and Post-2015 Development Agenda in Africa,

This paper examines all policy and laws related to families in the South, West, East and Central regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

Adrian D. van Breda & John Pinkerton - Emerging Adulthood,

The special issue of Emerging Adulthood titled “Care-Leaving in Africa” is the first collection of essays on care-leaving by African scholars. This article, coauthored by scholars from North and South, argues in favor of North–South dialogue but highlights several challenges inherent in this, including the indigenizing and thus marginalizing of African experience and scholarship and divergent constructions of key social concepts.

Child Protection Area of Responsibility in Mali and the Global CP AoR,

This review of secondary sources refers to information on child protection risks and violence against children in Mali, collected from 2016 to 2018.


Unicef is seeking a Child Protection Officer in Mali.


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Manager in Mali.

SOS Villages d'Enfants ,

Comment les réseaux sociaux solides soutiennent les enfants d’Afrique subsaharienne et leurs familles. Les enfants et les familles vulnérables ont besoin d’un système de soutien social qui réponde aux problèmes qu’ils rencontrent grâce à des solutions efficaces et durables. Les observations présentées dans ce rapport sont un « cliché instantané » des pratiques prometteuses  en matière de développement et de pérennité de la communauté. 

Parenting in Africa Network (PAN),

This publication, produced by the Parenting in Africa Network (PAN), highlights the skillful parenting practices of several pastoral communities in Africa.