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Tearfund Ireland,

This conference, hosted by Tearfund Ireland, will explore the topic of Care Reform and why volunteering in orphanages is changing. 

Maria Lotty - Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies,

This paper suggests a new framework, Trauma-informed Foster Care that was developed to reflect the experience of the Irish foster care system, may be helpful to support more collaborative practices between foster carers and social workers in an Irish context.

Simon Carswell - The Irish Times,

"One-third of foster carers have said that a lack of structure for their foster children during the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge, according to a new survey," says this article from the Irish Times.

Kenneth Burns, Conor O’Mahony, Rebekah Brennan - The British Journal of Social Work,

This article explores evidence which shows that the use of ‘private family arrangements’ is motivated partly by a concern for subsidiarity, and partly by necessity: they provide a source of placements in cases where regulatory requirements and a lack of resources would otherwise make the placement challenging or impossible.

Shauna Bowers - The Irish Times,

"A new free legal advice clinic for children and young people in the care system commenced on Tuesday," says this article from the Irish Times.

The Irish Times,

"The pandemic has had an adverse impact on all children. That has been more severe for those with special needs but an almost forgotten group of especially vulnerable children are those who experience abuse and neglect," says this Irish Times in this editorial. 

Sheila Wayman - The Irish Times,

This article from the Irish Times calls attention to a new report from the Mother and Baby Homes Commission Investigation, highlighting how "thousands of Irish babies were put up for adoption for all the wrong reasons."

Kitty Holland - The Irish Times,

Ireland's Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP) has published a collection of 48 cases underscoring the severe impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on vulnerable children, according to this article from the Irish Times.

Pat Leahy, Patsy McGarry - The Irish Times,

"Ireland has again been brought face-to-face with its cold and callous past with the report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes revealing stories of cruelty, emotional abuse and soaring infant death rates in a series of State- and religious-run institutions," says this article from the Irish Times.

BBC News,

"The Irish government is to apologise after an investigation found an 'appalling level of infant mortality' in the country's mother-and-baby homes," according to this article from BBC News.