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Katie DeRosa - Vancouver Sun,

First Nations child welfare advocates are urging the province to bring in Indigenous oversight following the 2021 death of an 11-year-old boy and the abuse of his eight-year-old sister while in foster care.

Shannon L. Stewart, Alana A. Graham, Jeffrey W. Poss,

This study utilized a large sample of treatment-seeking children across Ontario to compare children living with a foster family to non-foster children, across a number of psychosocial, care needs, and demographic variables.

Matisse Harvey, Emma Hautecoeur - CBC News ,

The Nunavut government placed eight children under child services care in three unlicensed group homes in Airdrie, Alta., over the last year.

This study aimed to identify components essential to building a model of care for youth involved in sex trafficking in child welfare.

Ian Froese - CBC News,

There was a moment in Cara Courchene's life when reuniting with her children seemed out of reach.

There was a moment in Cara Courchene's life when reuniting with her children seemed out of reach. The child welfare system seems stacked against parents like her, but one Indigenous-led program has had remarkable success in trying to change that. In 98 per cent of cases, the Family Group Conference program either reunited children with families who love them, or prevented a child from entering the child welfare system in the first place.

Edited By Claudia Equit, Jade Purtell,

This volume covers a broad spectrum of current research findings concerning the participation of young people in foster families and residential living groups in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland as well as cross-nationals perspective on children and young people’s participation in foster and residential care placements in Great Britain and France.

Sabrina Agnihotri, Caroline Park, Roland Jones, Deborah Goodman, Mitesh Patel,

This study represents a scoping review and narrative synthesis that sought to identify indicators used to measure the success of aging out youth in North America and their corresponding methods of assessment.

Anne Marie McLaughlin, Richard Enns, Susan Gallagher, Jesse Henton,

In this chapter of the book 'Human Rights and Social Justice', the authors focus their attention on issues and challenges facing rural youth who have exited care, with special consideration of First Nation or Indigenous youth in Canada, and offer a multidimensional framework that can support anti-colonial and anti-oppressive models of practice.

Susan Burke, Jane Bouey, Carol Madsen, Louise Costello, Glen Schmidt, Patricia Barkaskas, Nicole White, Caitlin Alder, Rabiah Murium,

This study explores the state of kinship care in British Columbia (BC), Canada 10 years after the implementation of major policy reform designed by the provincial government to improve services to kinship caregivers.

EsmeFuller-Thomson, Mahsima Nosrati-Inanlou, Alex Sellors, Andie MacNeila,

This study investigated the prevalence of and factors associated with complete mental health (CMH) among a nationally representative sample of Canadians who had contact with child welfare services before age 16.