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Paige Parsons - CBC News,

This longform investigative article from CBC News explores the case of Serenity, a four-year-old girl who died in care, through an extensive review of court documents and interviews to seek to understand Serenity's life, and "what went so terribly wrong."

Cindy Blackstock, Muriel Bamblett, Carlina Black - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This paper explores the efficacy of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Convention, UN General Assembly, 1989) through the lens of the over-representation of First Nations children placed in out-of-home care in Canada and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia.

Doris Chateauneuf, Marie-Andrée Poirier, Geneviève Pagé - Journal of Social Work,

Based on 39 semi-directed individual interviews with social workers from child welfare services, the current study aims at highlighting how social workers come to the decision to remove a child from parental care, and how they choose a foster family.

Joanne Filippelli, Kristen Lwin, Barbara Fallon, Nico Trocmé - Child Maltreatment,

This study uses secondary data analysis of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect 2008 to explore what case and worker factors predict the provision of ongoing child welfare services.

Ariana Kelland - CBC News,

Families with children in foster care in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador are "in the process of being reunited with their kids after a lengthy suspension of in-person visits due to COVID-19," according to this article from CBC News.

Allison Martell - Reuters,

"Children in Canada’s foster care homes have gone weeks without being able to see their parents in person and plans for safe reunions are still uncertain," says this article from Reuters.

Leslie M. Tutty & Kendra Nixon - Children and Youth Services Review,

This exploratory secondary data analysis compares demographics, mental health/well-being, and protective mothering strategies of mothers who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) whose children were taken into care compared to those whose children were not to identify key characteristics associated with children being removed by child protective service (CPS) in Western Canada.

Ashley Martin, Daniel Albrechtsons, Noni MacDonald, Nadia Aumeerally, Tania Wong - Paediatrics & Child Health,

This study aims to describe the lived experiences of skip-generation families to better identify their needs.

Jimmy Wang & Eva Moore - Clinical Care for Homeless, Runaway and Refugee Youth,

This article argues that the current system of care in most jurisdictions forces foster youth to be financially and socially independent at an earlier age, despite insufficient preparation, and notes that healthcare providers can be important advocates for youth in care by championing their medical and psychological needs and serving as a bridge that lasts beyond foster care.

Jocelyne Lalonde, Andrea E Thomson, Karen Duncan, Kerstin Roger - Qualitative Social Work,

This study used content analysis to explore: “What are the post-care housing experiences of youth who have transitioned from care through an independent support program?”