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This international conference, hosted by the International Foster Care Organization (IFCO), will profile initiatives that help children and youth in care thrive by promoting the creation of significant relationships, a sense of belonging to their family, their community, and their culture.

Spotlight: Child Welfare is a collaborative journalism project that aims to deepen and improve reporting on B.C.’s child-welfare system.

The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate,

This review was initiated by a formal request from Nunatsiavut Government to investigate Inuit children’s experiences in the child protection system in Canada.

Sidney Cohen - CBC News,

"Nearly 10 months after the Auditor General of Canada delivered a scathing rebuke of the Northwest Territories' child welfare system, the territorial government has released a new plan to improve it," says this article from CBC News.

Elisa Romano, Jessie Moorman, Véronique Bonneville, Carl Newton, Robert Flynn - Developmental Child Welfare,

The current study examines past adverse experiences and current functioning of adolescent males in out-of-home care, relying on data from the Assessment and Action Record—second Canadian version for a representative sample of 508 12- to 17-year-olds in out-of-home care across the province of Ontario (Canada).

Jason Brown, Aamena Kapasi, Samantha Weindels, Vanessa Eyre - Contemporary Family Therapy,

Peer support is a form of support where foster parents connect formally with other foster parents with experience who can provide knowledge, emotional and practical help. The purpose of the present study was to identify what the needs are of foster parents in that peer support role from the views of peer support volunteers themselves.

Marie-Ève Clément, Annie Bérubé, Mélissa Goulet, Sonia Hélie - Child Indicators Research,

This study was conducted to address some of the gaps in the current literature by identifying, in a more comprehensive manner, family profiles and service referrals in cases of child neglect investigated and substantiated by Child Protection Services (CPS) in Quebec.

Brielle Morgan, Katie Hyslop, Cherise Seucharan, Tracy Sherlock - The Discourse,

This article from The Discourse presents findings from a collaborative investigation into the child-welfare system of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada conducted by journalists from The Discourse, The Tyee and Star Vancouver in which parents were asked "whether they felt they were getting adequate support — financial and otherwise — before their kids were apprehended by B.C. social workers."

Sara Miller Llana - Christian Science Monitor,

This article from the Christian Science Monitor explores the history of child removals and family separations of Indigenous families in Canada, and what Indigenous communities are doing now to break the cycle.

Carly Elizabeth Magee, Martin Guhn, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Eva Oberle - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study examined associations between perceived support from adults in three developmental contexts (home, school and neighbourhood) and mental well-being (life satisfaction, self-concept, optimism) among grade four children living with foster parents in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.