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Children's Living Arrangements

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Children Living Without Biological Parents

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Emily Pasiuk - CBC News,

The stories of children formerly in care in Canada, are being published in a new book called Youth in Care Chronicles, according to this article from CBC News.

Beverly-Jean Margaret Daniel - Child & Youth Services,

This paper examines the ways in which anti-oppression and anti-racism perspectives can be included as an aspect of Child and Youth Care (CYC) thought and practice, with particular relevance to service provision for African Canadian families.

Jon Tattrie - CBC News,

"A Nova Scotia man has launched a lawsuit against a U.S.-based organization that runs a Guatemalan orphanage where he says he and others were violently abused for years," says this article from CBC News.

Meaghan Thumath, David Humphreys, Jane Barlow, Putu Duff, Melissa Braschel, Brittany Bingham, Sophie Pierre, Kate Shannon - International Journal of Drug Policy,

This study aims to examine the prevalence of overdose and the association with child removal in a cohort of marginalised women.

Chantal Cyr, Karine Dubois-Comtois, Daniel Paquette, Leonor Lopez, Marc Bigras - Child Maltreatment,

Two parenting capacity assessment (PCA) protocols, with a short parent-child intervention embedded in each protocol, evaluated the potential for enhanced parenting to orient child placement decision.

CBC News,

The premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada has stated that the government "wants to fix a 'broken' social system that has been criticized by Innu leaders for failing youth," particularly Indigenous children in care, according to this article from CBC News.

A. Bérubé, M.-È. Clément, V. Lafantaisie, A. LeBlanc, M. Baron, G. Picher, J. Turgeon, M. Ruiz-Casares, C. Lacharité - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The purpose of this study is to examine parents’ reports on the response their children received to their needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Todd I. Herrenkohl, Debbie Scott, Daryl J. Higgins, J. Bart Klika, Bob Lonne - Child Maltreatment,

In this commentary, the authors explain how current circumstances reinforce the need for systemic change within statutory child welfare systems and the benefits that would accrue by implementing a continuum of services that combine universal supports with early intervention strategies.

National Family Support Network,

This webinar will explore how can programs promote the positive and measurable effects of outdoor activities for children and families.

Hayley Hahn, Johanna Caldwell, Vandna Sinha - International Indigenous Policy Journal,

The aim of this article is to contribute to ongoing discussions about the recently passed Canadian legislation, drawing on lessons learned in the United States context.