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This international conference, hosted by the International Foster Care Organization (IFCO), will profile initiatives that help children and youth in care thrive by promoting the creation of significant relationships, a sense of belonging to their family, their community, and their culture.

Jason Warick - CBC News,

New federal legislation in Canada now allows First Nations to take control of their own child welfare, and the Saskatchewan First Nations organization is now asking the federal government to transfer funds to First Nations agencies, allowing them to set up and run high quality services in their own communities, according to this article from CBC News.

Andrea J. Hickey & Robert J. Flynn - Children and Youth Services Review,

This randomized control trial aimed to assess how much Teach Your Children Well (TYCW) - a tutoring program that enhances the academic skills of children in care - tutoring is enough to accelerate learning.

Mariette Chartier, et al - Children and Youth Services Review,

This article investigates the efficacy of the Families First Home Visiting (FFHV) program, which aims to enhance parenting skills and strengthen relationships between parents and their children.

Robyn A. Marquis & Robert J. Flynn - Education in Out-of-Home Care,

The present research from the book Education in Out-of-Home Care examined the question of possible gender effects of a tutoring program for children in foster care in Ontario, Canada, as well as several other questions of a practice-related nature, including the impact of implementation fidelity on the effectiveness of the tutoring program and the children’s and caregivers’ perception of the tutoring.

Amilie Dorval, Josianne Lamothe, Sonia Hélie, Marie-Andrée Poirier - Children and Youth Services Review,

The present exploratory study aimed to describe and profile the characteristics of children placed in kinship care and their mothers, as reported before placement.

Gershon K. Osei, Kevin M. Gorey - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study tested the hypothesis that group home size moderates peer influence-conduct problem relationships such that large homes with many residents are relatively risky places, while smaller homes with fewer residents are relatively protected places.

Karen Milligan, Tamara Meixner, Monique Tremblay, Lesley A. Tarasoff, Amelia Usher, Ainsley Smith, Alison Niccols, Karen A. Urbanoski - Child Maltreatment,

The authors of this study systematically compared parenting interventions offered in 12 maternal substance use treatment programs in one Canadian province with those described in the research literature.

Robin Levinson-King - BBC News,

Canada's National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, in partnership with Aboriginal People's Television Network, held a ceremony on 30 September 2019 unveiling the names of the 2,800 Indigenous children who died in Canadian residential schools to honor "the children who never came home," according to this article from BBC News.

Nadine Lanctôt, Joan A. Reid, Catherine Laurier - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study aimed to assess differences in the level of post-traumatic symptoms reported by those who experienced commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) during adolescence and those who did not.