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Sarah Maiter, Derrick Ssewanyana, Daniel Kikulwe, Christa Sato,

The authors explore approaches, challenges, solutions, and recommendations offered by child welfare workers in Canada on remote communication with children/youth regarding safety and on managing parent–child access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Representative for Children and Youth, Canadian Government,

The Canadian Government's Representative for Children & Youth released this report on youth justice resources which reveals a misuse of government funds to operate surplus youth justice services.

Victor Fernandes, Anta Niang, Rosita Vargas Diaz, Martin Goyette,

This paper explores how the COVID-19 pandemic affected care leavers in Quebec, a social group already facing obstacles to social integration.


On 21st September 2023, the Governments of Canada and Zambia, in partnership with UNFPA-UNICEF Global Programme to End Child Marriage and the Child Marriage Monitoring Mechanism, hosted a High-Level Side Event during the Seventy-Eighth Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The event was titled 'Charting Brighter Futures: Utilizing Data for Accelerated Action to End Child Marriage and Achieve SDG 5.3'.

Nilan Yu, Marina Morgenshtern, Jeanette Schmid,

This article offers a cross-national comparison of social work in two countries, Australia and Canada, about the care of Indigenous children within the context of colonization and the evolving profession.

Katie DeRosa - Vancouver Sun,

First Nations child welfare advocates are urging the province to bring in Indigenous oversight following the 2021 death of an 11-year-old boy and the abuse of his eight-year-old sister while in foster care.

Shannon L. Stewart, Alana A. Graham, Jeffrey W. Poss,

This study utilized a large sample of treatment-seeking children across Ontario to compare children living with a foster family to non-foster children, across a number of psychosocial, care needs, and demographic variables.

Matisse Harvey, Emma Hautecoeur - CBC News ,

The Nunavut government placed eight children under child services care in three unlicensed group homes in Airdrie, Alta., over the last year.

This study aimed to identify components essential to building a model of care for youth involved in sex trafficking in child welfare.

Ian Froese - CBC News,

There was a moment in Cara Courchene's life when reuniting with her children seemed out of reach.

There was a moment in Cara Courchene's life when reuniting with her children seemed out of reach. The child welfare system seems stacked against parents like her, but one Indigenous-led program has had remarkable success in trying to change that. In 98 per cent of cases, the Family Group Conference program either reunited children with families who love them, or prevented a child from entering the child welfare system in the first place.