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Kathryn L. Humphreys, Lucy S. King, Katherine L. Guyon-Harris, Charles H. Zeanah,

This study, based in Romania, examined longitudinal data from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, a randomized controlled trial of foster care as an alternative to institutional care following exposure to severe psychosocial deprivation.

Ukraine Children’s Care Group,

Under the auspices of the Ukraine Children’s Care Group, one of two learning events were held in July and September 2022. This event, "Addressing the need for foster care in the context of the Ukraine crisis", was held on September 7th in collaboration with HDPI. It focused on better understanding the foster care systems and services in Ukraine and neighbouring countries hosting Ukrainian refugee children, specifically Poland, Romania, and Moldova.

Ioana M. Neagoe, Claudiu C. Papasteri ,

The purpose of this study was to establish the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in child residential care and to explore predictors of accumulation and clustering patterns.

Selin Zeytinoglu, Alva Tang, Charles H. Zeanah, Charles A. Nelson, Alisa N. Almas, Nathan A. Fox,

Institutional rearing negatively impacts the development of children's social skills and executive functions (EF). However, little is known about whether childhood social skills mediate the effects of the foster care intervention (FCG) and foster caregiving quality following early institutional rearing on EF and social skills in adolescence. Participants included abandoned children from Romanian institutions

Ivana Kottasová - CNN,

Luiza Baloh left her home in Dnipro, central Ukraine, in March. Fleeing the constant sound of explosions, she and her five children came to the Czech Republic hoping to find refuge. Instead, they found themselves behind a barbed wire fence in a repurposed immigration detention center that was, she says, dirty and full of strangers, some of whom were aggressive towards her and her children.

Radu Dumitrescu - Romania Insider,

Romania’s minister of family Gabriela Firea announced the Government’s intention to close all orphanages and move children to family-style homes, a project that is almost two decades in the making.


Eurochild has carried out an urgent mapping, with support from its members, UNICEF country teams and government representatives across 13 countries. The mapping examines the laws and policies at national level for children in alternative care and unaccompanied and separated children from Ukraine who arrive in the following countries: Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

World Vision,

The escalation of conflict in Ukraine has forced more than 5 million people - mostly women and children - to flee to neighbouring countries. With the escalating crisis, the needs are growing by the hour.

Tessa Dunlop - INews,

Siret, a small Romanian town that borders Ukraine, is no stranger to attention. Just after the 1989 revolution, foreign journalists flocked there to reveal its grim story to the world. Under the Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu’s brutal regime, which forbade birth control and exacted appalling privations on its people, thousands of children were abandoned in inhumane state orphanages.