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Viet Nam

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Children's Living Arrangement

Children's Living Arrangements

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Children Living Without Biological Parents

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Children at Risk of Separation

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Formal Alternative Care Arrangements

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List of Organisations

Amelia Andrews - SOS Children's Villages,

"Child representatives and care leavers from South East Asia have called for increased support for continuing education, psychosocial care, finding jobs and affordable housing in the wake of COVID-19," according to this news article from SOS Children's Villages.

UNICEF Vietnam,

UNICEF is seeking a consultant to design relevant communication materials and training programmes on mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) for children, parents, teachers, staff of the National Helpline, social workers and child protection officers in responding to Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Thai Lan - International Social Work,

This article reports a part of a qualitative study to address the questions of what and how international organizations have been engaging in the professionalization of social work services for disadvantaged children in Vietnam, taking five international organizations as the unit of analysis.

Luong Thi Anh Ngoc and Dao Chanh Thuc - Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications,



UNICEF is looking for an international individual consultant to lead a multidisciplinary team, composed of an international team leader and a national team member to undertake a qualitative study on the situation of children affected by internal migration in Viet Nam.

Nguyen Ba Dat, Nguyen Van Luot, Nguyen Ha Thanh - Open Journal of Social Sciences,

Based on attachment theory, this study was conducted to analyze the contact between these children and their biological parents, and the factors affecting this contact.

Kirrily Pells, Virginia Morrow, M. Catherine Maternowska & Alina Potts - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies: An International Interdisciplinary Journal for Research, Policy and Care,

This paper highlights findings from a a 15-year longitudinal cohort study of children growing up in poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.

Le Hong Loan, Vu Thi Le Thanh and M. Catherine Maternowsk - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies: An International Interdisciplinary Journal for Research, Policy and Care,

This article presents the findings of a study that set out to understand what drives violence in Viet Nam as part of the Multi-Country Study on the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children.

David Lemke - BBC News,

This article from BBC News tells the story of Nguyen Quoc Tuy, born in Vietnam around 1970 and adopted by a family in the US at about three years old, and his journey to reconnect with his birth family as an adult.

Jennifer Anne Fraser, Tara Flemington, Diep Thi Ngoc Doan, Van Minh Tu Hoang, Binh Thi Le Doan, Tuan Manh Ha - Journal of Children's Services,

The purpose of this paper is to validate measures of professional self-efficacy for detecting and responding to child abuse and neglect presentations, and then evaluate a clinical training programme for health professionals in a tertiary-level hospital in Vietnam.