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Asta Cekaite, Madeleine Wirzén,

This study reports results concerning close embodied practices, involving touch, in early childhood care settings in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ingrid Höjer, Inger Oterholm,

This article aims to build knowledge, from a life-course perspective, of foster carers’ views of the transition from care to adulthood for young people with mental health problems by interviewing carers from foster homes in Norway and Sweden.

Anna-Lena Almqvist, Kitty Lassinantti ,

The objective of this paper is to further the understanding of young people’s experiences of out-of-home care (OHC) in Sweden.

Matthew J. Lindquist - Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University,

This report draws 14 lessons from academic research on the effects of out-of-home care on subsequent criminality. Most of the studies references in this review of based in Sweden.

World Childhood Foundation,

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2023

Time: 10:00 (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)

International Organization for Migration (IOM),

This Toolkit builds on the outcomes of an international thematic workshop on addressing the needs of migrant children at borders, consolidated with IOM best practices and additional research inputs.

Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union,

The Swedish Presidency has initiated a declaration to support the protection of Ukrainian children. The declaration will mobilise support among EU Member States for continued engagement in protecting the children who have been affected by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Edited By Claudia Equit, Jade Purtell,

This volume covers a broad spectrum of current research findings concerning the participation of young people in foster families and residential living groups in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland as well as cross-nationals perspective on children and young people’s participation in foster and residential care placements in Great Britain and France.

European Coalition for Community Living (ECCL), in cooperation with the Disability Rights Defenders Network,

Organised jointly by ENIL-ECCL and Disability Rights Defenders, this webinar on November 22, 2022, featured speakers from Sweden, Slovenia and Scotland on the UN Guidelines on Deinstitutionalisation, including in Emergencies. 

Maria Heimer, Camilla Pettersson,

This article addresses the predicament of family service systems being built on parents’ voluntary participation and the need for parental consent, which may block children’s right to services. It examines parental consent and the impact of parental non-consent for children’s opportunities to receive protection and support in Swedish child and family welfare.