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Child Protection Hub,

Join this webinar to walk through the PROMISE Child Participation Tool and to discuss approaches and considerations for soliciting children’s views on their Barnahus experience.

Annelie Björkhagen Turesson - Clinical Social Work Journal,

This study is based on diaries maintained by three social workers in relation to 15 families that were the subject of interventions by the child protective services in Sweden.

UNICEF and Child Protection Hub,

The purpose of this webinar is to shed light on the specific experiences and issues of unaccompanied and separate girls in the European Response.

Jan Storø, Yvonne Sjöblom, Ingrid Höjer - Child & Family Social Work,

The aim of this article [from the Child & Family Social Work special issue on teenagers in foster care] is to account for and discuss support to young care leavers within the comparable welfare regimes of Norway and Sweden and to explore key differences between these 2 countries.

Ulf Högberg, Roland Sennerstam, Knut Wester, Göran Högberg, Jacob Andersson, Ingemar Thiblin - Health Science Reports,

The objective of this open access study was to analyse infants placed in out‐of‐home care in Sweden by incidence, medical diagnoses, and perinatal factors.

Emelie Shanks, Ulf Jonsson, Stefan Wiklund, Alexander Rozental - Child & Family Social Work,

In this article the authors attempt to disentangle different aspects of potentially harmful care for looked after children, as well as to discuss potential pathways to more systematically approach and report adverse events for this group.

Inga Narbutaité Aflaki & Matthias Freise - Journal of Refugee Studies,

The article examines from a comparative perspective how Sweden and Germany reacted to the unprecedented increase in unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) in 2015. By illustrating the reactions of two countries, the study shows that an unprecedented wave of refugees/asylum seekers can trigger both more incremental, adaptive and drastic transformative policy changes.

Rebecca Thorburn Stern - The International Journal of Children's Rights,

This article aims to unpack the reasons that Sweden's incorporation of legal measures to secure the rights recognised in the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been the subject of a lengthy and contentious debate.

Emily Munro - Leaving Care and the Transition to Adulthood,

This chapter from the book Leaving Care and the Transition to Adulthood explores progress towards realizing the rights of young people in and leaving out of home care in Australia, Sweden and the UK.

Martin Bergström, Marianne Cederblad, Kickan Håkansson, Ann Kristine Jonsson, Christian Munthe, Bo Vinnerljung, Ingegerd Wirtberg, Pernilla Östlund, Knut Sundell - Research on Social Work Practice,

This article presents the findings from a systematic review conducted on interventions for foster children and foster carers.