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Elin Hultman, Staffan Höjer, Monica Larsson - Child & Family Social Work,

The aim of this paper is to describe and analyse the notion of age and maturity in child protection proceedings in order to elucidate how these aspects could influence children's rights to participate.

Amber Horning, Sara V Jordenö, Nicole Savoie - Journal of Refugee Studies,

For this study, the researchers interviewed unaccompanied minor refugees (UMRs) in two youth asylum-centres in rural Sweden.

Lars Brännström, Hilma Forsman, Bo Vinnerljung, Ylva B. Almquist - PLoS ONE,

In order to be better equipped to design interventions aimed at improving the educational outcomes of children for whom society has assumed responsibility, this study seeks to further our understanding about which factors that contribute to the educational disparities throughout the life course.

Fredrik Livheim, Anders Tengström, Gerhard Andersson, JoAnne Dahl, Caroline Björck, Ingvar Rosendahl - Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science,

The purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness and feasibility of a brief trans diagnostic Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) group intervention for youth with comorbid problems in residential care.

Nina Rehn-Mendoza - Nordic Welfare Centre,

This report surveys different aspects of health of unaccompanied minors who have arrived in the Nordic region.

Maria Moberg Stephenson & Åsa Källström - Child & Family Social Work,

This study aims to explore how young migrants in kinship care in a Swedish suburb describe what different places mean to them and what these descriptions can tell us about their sense of belonging.

Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern - Child Maltreatment,

Using Swedish longitudinal registry data for a national cohort sample of siblings, in which some were placed in foster care and others remained in their birth parents’ care, this study asks whether long-term foster care ensures improved life chances.

Maria Moberg Stephenson, Åsa Källström - Qualitative Social Work,

The aim of this study is to explore how the social workers employed at a non-governmental organisation mentoring programme construct young migrants’ situations in kinship care in a Swedish suburb, and if and how these constructions change during the course of the programme.

Rikard Tordön - Linköping University Medical Dissertations,

This thesis aimed to explore health, abuse, support, and preconditions for school among children in out-of-home care (OHC) in Sweden and to assess changes after an intervention targeting foster children’s school performance.

Kay Biesel, Judith Masson, Nigel Parton,

This book brings together knowledge of how modern countries in Europe and the United States deal with the issue of errors and mistakes in child protection in a cross-national perspective.