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Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

This webinar, the fifth in the Transforming Children's Care Webinar Series focused on a new study ('Impact of COVID-19 on Privately Run Residential Care Institutions: Insights and Implications for Advocacy and Awareness Raising'). The study, comprising 21 semi-structured interviews across seven focus countries, explores the effect of COVID-19 on a small number of privately run and funded residential care institutions.

Rebecca Nhep, Better Care Network; Dr Kate van Doore, Law Futures Centre & Griffith Law School,

This study explores the effect of COVID-19 on a small number of privately run and funded residential care institutions by conducting a qualitative research study comprising 21 semi-structured interviews across seven focus countries.

Madeleine Wirzén, Asta Čekaitė - Qualitative Social Work,

In this study, the authors examine the structure and function of professional social workers’ follow-up questions in assessment talk with adoption applicants.

Anne Marita Milde, Hedda Bjanger Gramm, Ingeborg Paaske, Pia Granli Kleiven, Øivin Christiansen, Karen J. Skaale Havnen - Child & Family Social Work,

The overall aim of this article to gain updated knowledge on how children and youth who have received or are receiving child welfare (CW) interventions from the Nordic CWS fare in relation to suicidality.

Aaron Nelsen - The Guardian,

This article from the Guardian tells the story of an adult adoptee, adopted from Chile to Sweden, whose search for her biological mother revealed that she had been "stolen" from birth. The article describes how many women in Chile in the 1970s and 80s, mostly from poor and minority backgrounds, had been tricked or coerced into giving up their babies for international adoption, as part of a national strategy to eradicate childhood poverty which began during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Lars Brännström and Sten‐Åke Stenberg - Child Abuse Review,

Through the lens of primary (ability‐driven explanations) and secondary (choice‐based explanations, conditional on educational performance) effects on social background differentials in educational attainment, longitudinal data from more than 14 000 Swedes (of which around 9% have been placed in out‐of‐home care (OHC)) were used to estimate the relative importance of these two basic explanatory processes.

Laura Navne and Marie Jakobsen - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies ,

This study investigates the extent and causes of child abandonment and various practices and services in relation to prevention of child abandonment in Denmark and other high-income countries.

Emelie Shanks and Ylva Spånberger Weitz - Adoption & Fostering,

This article explores birth parents’ views on their needs and perceptions of support delivered by two different interventions: one offering support to individuals and the other providing a parental group.

Rikard Tordön, Gunilla Sydsjö, Marie Bladh, Jennie Svanström, Carl Göran Svedin - Child & Family Social Work,

For this study, responses from 311 students in out‐of‐home care (OHC) were compared with peers living in birth parent care (BPC) and in single birth parent care (sBPC) in a regional school survey, directed to students in compulsory school eighth year and upper secondary school second year.

Philip Lalander and Marcus Herz - YOUNG,

This article examines how unaccompanied young refugees in Sweden relate to and talk about their everyday lives and life plans during a time of transition from childhood to adulthood.