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Patrick Vidija - The Standard,

"SOS Children’s village has apologised for what it terms as 'failures to prevent children from being abused'" in response to the unmasking of "rampant cases of child abuse, corruption and breaches to protect the children's rights" in its Kenya centers, according to this article from the Standard.

Kate Hodal - The Guardian,

This article from the Guardian shares the stories of survivors of sexual and emotional abuse at a girls’ shelter on Bugala island, in the Ugandan sector of Lake Victoria.


UNICEF Zambia is seeking a consultant to undertake a comprehensive workload study targeting 15 district social welfare offices (DSWOs) to determine the optimal workload for DSWOs which will inform planning for future workforce needs for the Department of Social Welfare.

ECDAN, FHI 360, The Lego Foundation, World Health Organization,

In this webinar, panelists will discuss the implementation experiences and emerging lessons of COVID-19 response strategies of seven programmes that prioritize nurturing care and early childhood development in their work.

Shelley A. Steenrod - Adoption Quarterly,

This paper explores how adoptive parents, with knowledge of exploitation in their own adoptions, are responding emotionally and pragmatically.

Daniel Mekonnen & Sara Palacios Arapiles - Equal Rights Beyond Borders and the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP),

This Independent Expert Report is concerned with challenges experienced by Eritrean refugees in Europe in the context of family reunification processes, in particular those relating to strict documentary requirements demanded by some EU Member States, in particular Germany.

Family for Every Child,

In this How We Care series webinar, Family for Every Child presented the programming of three CSOs on how they are supporting kin carers and the vulnerable children in their care, in their respective regions.

The Prevention Collective,

In this webinar, UNICEF’s Lauren Rumble and Alessandra Guedes describe how violence in childhood is gendered, introduce the links between violence against women and children, and share effective gender-transformative strategies.

Fredrick Mutinda - The Standard,

In this opinion piece for the Standard, Fredrick Mutinda of Changing the Way We Care describes the negative impacts that institutionalization has on children and the efforts to reform the care system in Kenya.

Shelley A. Steenrod - Adoption Quarterly,

Through interviews with adoptive parents, this study explores what and how adoption-related exploitation occurred in Ethiopia.