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Doreen Ajiambo, Gerald Matembu, Derrick Silimina - Global Sisters Report,

According to this article from the Global Sisters Report, "Catholic sisters in three African nations — Uganda, Zambia and Kenya — are leading the way in creating new models for caring for children."

Azi Paybarah - The New York Times,

According to this article from the New York Times, "a Pennsylvania [USA] man was sentenced on Thursday to more than 15 years in prison for abusing four underage girls in Kenya, where he had operated an orphanage for about a decade before returning home, the authorities said."

Better Care Network,

In this video, Grace Mwangi discusses the specific support needs of mothers of pre-term babies or those with a congenital condition.

Better Care Network,

In this video on the Do’s and Don’ts of Care Leaver Engagement, Ruth Wacuka discusses what makes engagement meaningful for Care Leavers and what makes it tokenistic, and in the worst cases, exploitative.

Samuel Ayaya, Allison DeLong, Lonnie Embleton, David Ayuku, Edwin Sang, Joseph Hogan, Allan Kamanda, Lukoye Atwoli, Dominic Makori, Mary A. Ott, Caroline Ombok, Paula Braitstein - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The two primary objectives of this study were 1) to compare recent child abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual) between orphaned and separated children and adolescents’ (OSCA) living in institutional environments and those in family-based care; and 2) to understand how recent child abuse among street-connected children and youth compared to these other vulnerable youth populations.


UNICEF is seeking a consultant to provide technical inputs for the Alternative Childcare Directive of the Government of Ethiopia.

Anduamlak Molla Takele, Messay Gebremariam Kotecho, Philip Mendes - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond,

This article presents the case for an independent care leaving policy in Ethiopia to address the multifaceted needs of children in care and improve the care leaving service in the country.

UNICEF Rwanda,

The overall objective of this technical assistance is to increase the understanding of child protection (CP) among health professionals and establish appropriate linkages between health and CP professionals to respond to health emergencies

Cora Burnett - Cogent Social Sciences,

This paper examines the effects of Human Rights Education (HRE) on youth in the impoverished community of Trevo in Mozambique, particularly orphans and vulnerable youth.

Joel Gunter - BBC Africa Eye,

In a follow-up to a previous article on an illegal baby trade in Kenya, this article explores the experiences of mothers who make the decision to give up their children to traffickers.