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Marta Wilson-Barthes, Paula Braitstein, Allison DeLong, David Ayuku, Omar Galárraga, Lukoye Atwoli, Edwin Sang, ,

Strengthening family-based care is a key policy response to the more than 15 million orphaned and separated children who have lost 1 or both parents in sub-Saharan Africa. This analysis estimated the cost-effectiveness of family-based care environments for preventing HIV and death in this population.

Marta Wilson-Barthes, Paula Braitstein, Allison DeLong, David Ayuku, Edwin Sang, Lukoye Atwoli, Omar Galárraga,

This analysis estimated the cost-effectiveness of family-based care environments for preventing HIV and death among orphaned and separated children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Soraya Ebrahimi - National News,

Migrant families with children could be sent to Rwanda in future, a Home Office minister has told Parliament.

ESARO Regional Learning Platform,

The government of Rwanda is in the final phases of its care reform program. Having reintegrated the majority of children from residential care back to families and communities, they are now working on the reintegration of children with disabilities. In this webinar, we hear from policymakers and practitioners on how this has been done and key lessons learned.

UNICEF, Changing the Way We Care,

This is the monthly update of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Learning Platform published in December 2022. 

Edna Kyaruzi,

This study aimed at investigating the psychosocial wellbeing of orphaned children in selected primary schools in Tanzania. 

Mixed Migration Center,

This snapshot produced by Mixed Migration Center examines environmental drivers of international mobility and their interactions with other migration drivers in East and the Horn of Africa. The aim is to provide national and regional policy actors with some empirical data on the links between climate change and international mobility, to inform discussions on future activities and policy directions.

ESARO Regional Learning Platform, UNICEF,

Kinship care (care by extended family or friends of the family) is the most common form of alternative care in the region, yet also the least well-supported.  This webinar explains why it is vital to invest in kinship care and provide examples of promising practic

Child's i Foundation, Better Care Network,

Based in Uganda, Child’s i Foundation successfully transitioned their residential programs before deciding to expand their vision and seek to bring about care reform to the entire district of Tororo. Partnering with the district level government and several CCIs, Child’s i Foundation carried out an extensive analysis and assessment of the Tororo region which provided information to guide the ensuing transitions of CCIs throughout the region.

Better Care Network, Alliance for Children Everywhere,

Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) Zambia is a US-funded organization that transitioned from providing residential care in Zambia to pioneering family-based care, including foster care, and supporting other residential care service providers to transition. With important links to the Zambian government, ACE Zambia has been a key actor in supporting the development of policies, programs and guidelines that are now utilized across the country.