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Matthew Chance, Zahra Ullah, and Laura Smith-Spark - CNN,

There are 200 children and 600 women among an estimated 2,000 people massed along the Bruzgi-Kuznica border crossing separating Belarus from Poland, Belarusian border officials told CNN on Friday. Some of those are only babies or toddlers.

Eurochild and Martin James Foundation,

This event will reflect on how cooperation and knowledge sharing can support meeting the needs of children at risk and in the alternative care system.

Notes from Poland,

"A woman who left her infant son in a baby hatch – which can be used to safely and anonymously abandon babies – is now fighting in court to get him back," says this article.

Laura Navne and Marie Jakobsen - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies ,

This study investigates the extent and causes of child abandonment and various practices and services in relation to prevention of child abandonment in Denmark and other high-income countries.


This report reflects on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on children. It compiles information gathered from 25 countries across Europe, and provides recommendations for improving public policies in the short and long-term to support better outcomes for children and families, including children in alternative care or at risk of separation.

Zmysłowska, Magdalena - Praca Socjalna,

This article deals with the issues of family assistance from the perspective of working with the biological family of a child placed in foster care.

Matejek, Józefa - Praca Socjalna,

This article presents the content concerning foster care as the tasks of the district government: the types of foster families, legal and organizational aspects of this form of care and the essence of the organization of foster care at county level are discussed.

Barłóg, Mateusz - Psychologia Wychowawcza,

This article presents a study conducted amongst young adults between the ages of 19–35. The aim was to determine the relationship between the information about foster care families and the attitude of young adults towards them.

Krajewska, Beata - Problemy Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcze,

The subject of investigation in this study is the principles of foster care, including the assumptions and solutions.

Męczkowska-Christiansen Astrid - Colloquium Wydziału Nauk Humanistycznych i Społecznych AMW,

The presented analyses aim at depicting social discourse concerning the process of care leaving.