The 10-Point Plan: For Stronger European Coordination on Welcoming People Fleeing the War From Ukraine

European Commission

The European Commission has proposed a “10-Point Plan for stronger European coordination on welcoming people fleeing the war from Ukraine” (endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council) that includes:

  1. Creation of an EU platform for registration.
  2. An EU level coordinated approach for transport and information hubs.
  3. Enhance reception systems and ensure continuity of care and suitable accommodation.
  4. Developing national contingency plans to address medium to long-term needs.
  5. Standard operating procedures and uniform guidance for the reception and support of children, and specific procedures for the transfer of unaccompanied minors.
  6. A common anti-trafficking plan to prevent trafficking and exploitation, under the lead of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, and helping victims.
  7. Reinforced solidarity with Moldova through increased transfers and the rapid deployment of Frontex teams to Moldova.
  8. A reinforced framework for international cooperation on safe destinations. 
  9. Address internal security implications of the war in Ukraine.
  10. To provide comprehensive guidance and individualised support to EU Member States, including flexible use of funding.